It's time to begin a new cycle. A new life. One that I can control. One that I can live with. It's time to let go of the past. It's time to create something new. Something of my own.

David Cameron Gikandi

The 6-Week Happy Pocket Abundance Workshop & Mastermind Group

The premier, practical workshop. Focused on implementing, on being it, on making it happen. No fluff, just execution! Includes group conference calls.

David Cameron Gikandi

The Game of Life, The Game That Spirit Plays In Your Life... And How To Win At It

Discover The New Subconscious Map Of Realty. Fix And Empower Your Self-View And Your World-View And Transform!


The Subconscious Revealed & Reprogrammed Mega Value Bundle

Get All 38 Of Our Transformational Courses And Save A Bundle!

David Cameron Gikandi

30 Day Freedom & Abundance Challenge

How will it benefit me? Why should I care? (Plus your 4 free PDF downloads)

David Cameron Gikandi

Radical Mindfulness Made Simple In 5 Easy Steps

How To Find Complete Freedom From The Tyranny Of "The Voice In My Head" And "The Bad Feelings"

David Cameron Gikandi

Your Life's Quantum Composition: Your Life Is A Whole Lot More Magical Than You Think - Turn It On!

In The Game Of Life, These Are The Game's Pieces. Discover How They Work To Create The Objects and Events In Your Life.

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