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It's time to begin a new cycle. A new life. One that I can control. One that I can live with. It's time to let go of the past. It's time to create something new. Something of my own.

David Cameron Gikandi

The New Money Revolution

All over the world, at all levels of income, financial pain is at an all-time high. People are squeezed. Yet, this need not be. It is all based on one, big, lie.

David Cameron Gikandi

A Happy Pocket Full Of Life

How Polarity/Duality, Archetypes, Chakras, The Quantum Energy Field, And The 9 Levels Of Consciousness All Work Together To Create Your Life Story

David Cameron Gikandi

The More Money Formula

Instant Financial Nightmare Relief Via "Found Money" In Your Brain


The Money & Abundance Bundle

Get These 21 Courses That Focus On Money & Abundance

David Cameron Gikandi

A Fast And Easy Way To Go Into Deep Meditation

Reap The MASSIVE Rewards Of Meditation, In Only 20 Minutes A Day

David Cameron Gikandi

43 Mental Models Of Personal Reality

A Collection Of 43 Mental Models To Help You Get Out Of Sticky Situations Quicker And Take Advantage Of Opportunities Better