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It's time to begin a new cycle. A new life. One that I can control. One that I can live with. It's time to let go of the past. It's time to create something new. Something of my own.

David Cameron Gikandi

A Happy Pocket Full Of Life

How Polarity/Duality, Archetypes, Chakras, The Quantum Energy Field, And The 9 Levels Of Consciousness All Work Together To Create Your Life Story

David Cameron Gikandi

The More Money Formula

Instant Financial Nightmare Relief Via "Found Money" In Your Brain


The Money & Abundance Bundle

Get These 21 Courses That Focus On Money & Abundance

David Cameron Gikandi

A Fast And Easy Way To Go Into Deep Meditation

Reap The MASSIVE Rewards Of Meditation, In Only 20 Minutes A Day

David Cameron Gikandi

43 Mental Models Of Personal Reality

A Collection Of 43 Mental Models To Help You Get Out Of Sticky Situations Quicker And Take Advantage Of Opportunities Better

David Cameron Gikandi

Understanding The 9 Levels of Consciousness

A Simplified Model Of How The Physical And The Non-Physical Universe Work Together