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How Polarity/Duality, Archetypes, Chakras, The Quantum Energy Field, And The 9 Levels Of Consciousness All Work Together To Create Your Life Story | taught by David Cameron Gikandi
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Archetypes, the Ancient Forces and Patterns That Shape Your Life Story, As Per Your Sacred Contracts, And How You Can Use Them Deliberately To Move In the Directions You Desire
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Course description

This is what it will do for you...

In a nutshell...

This course will open you up to the knowledge of the fundamental nature of personal reality. It will also enable you to master the art of crystallizing your preferred reality. It will lead you into a journey of self-acceptance and empowerment.

There will be challenges, indeed there must be challenges, but there will also be insanely great rewards.

You will discover a tremendous amount about yourself and Your Self; and this is probably the best part of it all. This is likely going to be one of the best self-discovery tools you will ever have in your life. And with that empowerment comes grace and fulfillment.

This is why you can be sure it works...

Life is not random. It is intricately designed by the Creator. But up until now, we have been blind to the overall design and the part we, as humans, played in it.

Not so long ago, we thought the earth was flat.

Realizing it was round was a momentous, life-changing discovery.

This course holds just such a life-changing discovery.

I guarantee that it will blow your mind and immensely empower you.

It places your life in context with the Primary Life Technologies that the Creator (The Source, God...) uses to build our lives and our universe. The Primary Life Technologies we will be applying are:

Story-Form - Your Life Story (The Monomyth): Life is a story. Your life, mine, Nelson Mandela’s, Jesus’, Buddha’s, Barack Obama’s, the Earth’s, the Universe’... But believe it or not, there is really only one story! That is why it is called the monostory or monomyth! Every story you have ever experienced in your life or heard of is essentially an alternate set of situations superimposed, with individual and unique styling, over the same story structure! Anyone in the movie industry knows this. Deliberately crafting your goals or understanding your challenges within story-structure ensures you are in line with life itself, and so things flow well for you. In story structure, without exception, every story involves transformation! You have the beginning state, then a psychological-emotional journey that has an arc, or major change, which causes or is the transformation, then an end state. When you set a goal, for example, you typically never think of considering the transformation arc nor the journey itself... But what if you did? How would that empower you?

Archetypes: The characters and mind-states in that story are not random; they themselves are also archetypes, ancient universal patterns. Examples: The Child, Victim, Mother, Prostitute... Life has templates, patterns, that structure existence, just like the blue prints of a house, and knowing what they are and how they are at play with your life empowers you in ways you never thought possible.

Chakras: You are an energy system. As any other energy systems, you have energy processing and distribution centers, called chakras. These regulate your power. Power is relational to the archetypes, to choices, and to stages in your story. Power management is what drives transformation (e.g. overcoming fear). In this book, you will become intimate with your power centers and start to master your power consciously.

Energy & The Space-Time Continuum: As quantum physics proves beyond doubt, the universe and all that is in it is not made up of energy, it IS energy. Einstein’s famous equation e=mc2 was all about that. Solidity is a perception, not a reality. And energy behaves like a supernatural being! Time and space do not contain it. And that is the stuff you and I are not made of, but are. We ARE energy. This is why miracles happen, because energy doesn’t obey the rules of our perception.

The 9 Levels of Consciousness: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word became flesh. How did that happen? Welcome to the levels of consciousness, specifically, the 9 levels that deal with our reality. We are now able to work hand in hand with our Higher Selves, with the Template of reality, resulting in more deliberate creation and conscious evolution.

We will also use many tools, including the common ones such as visualization, prayer, goal setting, law of attraction, lifestyle design, and more... But all in line with and within these Primary Life Technologies.

Let us begin...

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David Cameron Gikandi
David Cameron Gikandi
Explorer, Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Metaphysics Enthusiast, Researcher, Facilitator & Coach. Creative Consultant on The Secret, author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money.

My name is David Cameron Gikandi. I'm not a guru. I'm a rare information curator, publisher and implementer.

My inspired talent is in researching and curating esoteric evidence into practical concepts. I'm especially good at connecting the dots. I am also a life-long entrepreneur, business architect, and an ardent student of the human body-mind-spirit complex.

See my LinkedIn profile here.

I was the Creative Consultant on The Secret (the 2006 movie) and I'm the author of the international best-seller, A Happy Pocket Full of Money.

But like you, I am a student of life.

I was born on March 6th, 1975, in Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru is famous for it’s rhinos (I have actually been chased by one) and flamingos.

I love life, the mysteries of life, and travelling!

I also love helping people to flourish!

I hold a BSc. in International Business from Jacksonville University, Florida, USA. I also have an MSc. in Information Technology from Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) and I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

Plus I read and travel a lot!

If you would like to see photographs and a video of me, click here.

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