How To Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum & Cryptocurrencies, Profitably

How To Grow Your Bitcoins, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies & ICOs Investments, Profitably, Fast & Safe, With The AA+DCA+R Strategy

The safest, best, simplest strategy and game-plan of GROWING safely, regardless of what the market does. Well documented & complete. | taught by David Cameron Gikandi
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Course Curriculum

Cool Bonuses
A Happy Pocket Full Of Money (PDF Illustrated Edition) FREE
AHPFOM-00-2-Money-Illusion (MP3 Narration) FREE
AHPFOM-00-3-The-Steps (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-5-Quantum-Physics-Intro (MP3 Narration) FREE
AHPFOM-00-6-Quantum-Physics-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-7-Quantum-Physics-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-8-Quantum-Physics-III (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-9-The-Truth-About-Time-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-10-The-Truth-About-Time-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-11-The-Truth-About-Time-III (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-12-Images-Of-The-Mind (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-13-Thinking-And-Speaking-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-14-Thinking-And-Speaking-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-15-Thinking-And-Speaking-III (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-16-Goals-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-17-Goals-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-18-Goals-III (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-19-Being-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-20-Being-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-21-Acting (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-22-Certainty-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-23-Certainty-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-24-Cause-Effect-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-25-Cause-Effect-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-26-Conditions-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-27-Conditions-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-28-Conditions-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-29-Success (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-30-Want-Not (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-31-Purpose (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-32-Giving (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-33-Gratitude (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-34-Consciousness (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-35-The-Self-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-36-The-Self-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-37-The-Self-III (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-38-The-Self-IV (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-39-One (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-40-Abundance (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-41-Happiness-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-42-Happiness-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-43-Money-How-To-I (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-44-Money-How-To-II (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-45-Money-How-To-III (MP3 Narration)
AHPFOM-00-46-Money-How-To-IV (MP3 Narration)
BONUS: Bitcoin Quick Guide
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The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investments & Profits Bundle of 9 Premium How-To Courses

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If you don't know what Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are, or if you think they are just a fad, watch this short video (you will be pleasantly surprised):

Many leaders and experts in all walks of life understand that this is the most game-changing, life-changing, world-changing invention since the Internet:

Now, here is what this course will teach you:

1. Everything you need to understand how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work, and why it is safer, more trustworthy and better than cash and gold, in various ways

2. How you can invest (I show you EXACTLY where to go, what to do, how to verify everything)

3. The current and future scale and possibilities of this new revolutionary technology and monetary system

4. And so much more exciting stuff!

Simply have a look at the curriculum, and give the free trial a chance - discover the most exciting opportunity and monetary revolution of our times :)

Plus, you are covered by a 60 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

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David Cameron Gikandi
David Cameron Gikandi
Explorer, Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Metaphysics Enthusiast, Researcher, Facilitator & Coach. Creative Consultant on The Secret, author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money.

My name is David Cameron Gikandi. I'm not a guru. I'm a rare information curator, publisher and implementer.

My inspired talent is in researching and curating esoteric evidence into practical concepts. I'm especially good at connecting the dots. I am also a life-long entrepreneur, business architect, and an ardent student of the human body-mind-spirit complex.

See my LinkedIn profile here.

I was the Creative Consultant on The Secret (the 2006 movie) and I'm the author of the international best-seller, A Happy Pocket Full of Money.

But like you, I am a student of life.

I was born on March 6th, 1975, in Nakuru, Kenya. Nakuru is famous for it’s rhinos (I have actually been chased by one) and flamingos.

I love life, the mysteries of life, and travelling!

I also love helping people to flourish!

I hold a BSc. in International Business from Jacksonville University, Florida, USA. I also have an MSc. in Information Technology from Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) and I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

Plus I read and travel a lot!

If you would like to see photographs and a video of me, click here.

What do my readers and clients think of all my different courses? See for yourself...

You can see hundreds and thousands more testimonials are available here.

* 60 Day Money Back Guarantee On All Courses *

You are covered by a 60 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!


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Since just recently, we signed up with B1G1 and a percentage of each course enrolment now goes to help these kids...

Reviews (11)

by Soundaraja Palanee

by venant venant mwakio

Just what I needed

by Maria Maria Quintero
Thank you so much for this course. I was hesitating for so long to take it and then I made my mind up and bought it. Thanks god I did it!!
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by Soundaraja Palanee

by venant venant mwakio

Just what I needed

by Maria Maria Quintero
Thank you so much for this course. I was hesitating for so long to take it and then I made my mind up and bought it. Thanks god I did it!!

Investment Strategy explained

by Jim Long
Great course! Definitely recommended for a no BS approach to navigating cryptocurrency

by Vishagan Vey


Excellent and timely information on a lifetime investment opportunity.

Brilliant information

by Anne Ford Anne Ford
Thank you, David, for curating this content to make it easy to understand. I will review this course at least a few times so that I can understand it even more fully and make educated decisions about cryptocurrencies. I appreciate your ongoing generosity in providing such life-enhancing content.

Why I Love David Cameron Gikandi's Cryptocurrency Course

by matthew t durian
"The universe has more than enough business and wealth for everyone—way more than enough.” “All other things held constant, to the extent that an individual or society sees, believes in, and acts in abundance, so will it have wealth and happiness" The author of the words above remind us so eloquently that we are highly abundant beings, from his book "A Happy Pocket Full of Money". And it only makes sense that David Cameron Gakandi would have a course that can show anyone how to create financial freedom and tap into the new and really cool economic technology called Cryptocurrency. The future is here. Still so few people know anything about this digital gold, its in it's infancy and there has never been a more opportune time to invest in bitcoin and other digital currencies. David explains how to do it. I highly recommend this course, it has so much value and David is really a good teacher. You can tell he cares and he wants to help people learn about Cryptocurrency and how to profit from it. This course got me hooked and now it's become a healthy (and profitable) I appreciate it David. :) ********UPDATE************* David, I also wanted to let you know how incredible the ICO portion of the Crypto Course is. Thank you so much for adding it." Sincerely, Matt D (Asheville, North Carolina)

How To Buy Bitcoins, Ethereum & Cryptocurrencies, Profitably, Fast & Safe, With The AA+DCA+R Method, Investing As Little As $10 A Week

by Ntobeko Tuswa
I think that this course is awesome! It is an eye-opener for me because I did not have any idea where to start to invest profitably. The details provided in the course and summaries give me the BIG picture regarding all aspects of investment explained in a simplified manner that is understandable to a layman. Fundamental principles of money and its history are all explained in details. New forms of money such as Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins, and so on, which grow rapidly are amazing to understand. Ultimately I'm also fascinated by the practical steps I need to take, which was precisely what I was seeking, to start investing immediately. It gives power back to the individual instead of giving money to companies that invest for individuals. In conclusion, all fears about losing money are being addressed and eradicated through this course, so I can't wait to begin the process of making money works for me instead of working for my money. Except when I reached ICO's that I found more challenging to understand such that I ended up so really confused.

by Brenda Kamangara

So easy !

by Katina Zedan
I love what I have learned so far can't wait to put it in practice , David explains everything so it is EASY to understand!!