Your Subconscious Limitations & Obstacles Can Cure Themselves... Once You Learn How To De-Sensitize Them, With These 4 Ingenious Mastery Tools…


If You Suffer From A Single One Of These Torturous Symptoms Of Subconscious Limitations & Obstacles That Sabotage Entrepreneurs...

- "no time, no money, no skills"

- procrastination

- psychological warfare, “me against me”

- emotional jams (anxiety, panic, feeling stuck and paralyzed, inertia, fear…)

- self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence issues

- worrying about what others may think of us (need for external approval and validation, and even permission)

- doubt, self-criticism, myriad fears and worries, negative self-talk

- imposter syndrome

- trauma, PTSD, CPTSD

- or even a shitty or disadvantaged personal history or beliefs


How is this different than everything else I’ve seen? 

That’s a great question.

Perhaps you have tried all these things…

How is this different?

Well, most solutions you may have seen in the past have generally tried to “FIX” you FIRST, and then AFTER you are so-called fixed, you can then do what it is you wanted to do, that you had failed to do before you got fixed. This is what the solutions promise…


The problem is, the “fix” stage can take a long time… sometimes an effing long time. And there is no guarantee it will work. So you might be stuck for ages, years sometimes, waiting to be “fixed” before you can live your best life.

That’s crazy.

Why wait?

The solution you will find below does things differently.

It creates action, momentum, and results without trying to “fix” you first.

“Fixing” happens naturally.

Instead of FIX, DO, HAVE... (whereby you get stuck on the first step)...


We put the FIX last instead of first, and we put the DO (Action) first instead of last, and we let "fixing" happen automatically, and it WILL definitely happen automatically because of us practicing Mastery #1, which is the Mastery of Awareness (Mindfulness). 

That way, we bypass the things that make us get stuck, we bypass the subconscious conditioning and programming and fear without trying to fix it, and we create momentum. And then, we overcome the difficulties that arise during the DO stage using the 4 Masteries.

And that is THE SECRET!


They will enable you to do what you couldn’t be able to do before… and fix you “on-the-fly”, right in the middle of the action.

And THAT is why these 4 Masteries can overcome any entrepreneurial obstacle you face. 

Everything from doubt to fear to … you name it!

Once you get comfortable with the 4 Masteries, you literally get EXCITED when you see an obstacle coming your way.

You LOOK for the bastards!

The obstacle becomes the way. 

And suddenly, nothing is impossible.

“You don't want a faster donkey, do you? I mean, do you want ordinary, or extraordinary?”

The 4 Masteries are unlike any other solution you have ever seen.

They don’t give you incremental progress (a faster donkey). 

They give you quantum shifts!

Basically, as you will start to see once you begin applying them, they will automatically help you shift from a limited, small, fearful self (unconscious ego)... to an Unlimited Divine Self (an Awakened Being).

They enable you to discover what unlocking the hidden power of your soul in your entrepreneurs' journey does to your business, your life.

They release you from your subconscious programming and that sense of a small limited self - AUTOMATICALLY!

- You will release your brakes

- You will blast through all your limitations and obstacles 

- You will overcome all your subconscious blockages... without even having to first figure out what they are

- You will make more sales, reach more people, have a bigger impact, grow deeper bigger faster better, and live your best life

The 4 Masteries will Awaken you to your greater self…

I believe that humans are powerful beyond measure, that deep within us all there dwells slumbering powers; powers that would astonish us, powers we never dreamed we possessed, forces that would revolutionize our lives and our home planet if aroused and put into action. 

The problem is that nobody ever teaches us What We Really are, and how the world really works.

Instead, we all grow up in societies that, quite often, domesticate us into being sheeple, people who believe in the weakness of humanity far more than they believe in its vast potential for greatness. 

It’s not your fault.

We are simply sold so many lies that end up, from childhood to adulthood, conditioning and programming our subconscious with limitations. 

By the time you are done with school, you are full of limitations drilled into your subconscious. 


- the lie that you need external permission, approval, validation to be 

- the lie that there is something wrong with you (by the way, did you know that the only “normal” people are the ones you don’t know very well?)

- the lie that you need to “fix” yourself

- the lie that you need to approach life from your “trapped” socialized, conditioned, domesticated, “blended in” sense of a self and never from your heroic (or villain) true self

- the lie that “your” thoughts and emotions are “you” (identification)

- the lie that there is an external force that can possibly hinder you

- and so on

The sheeple-making machine (school, government, society) isn’t the best way to prepare the adventurous and rule-challenging spirit of an entrepreneur, is it?

But don’t worry!

All these lies and subconscious programmings are AUTOMATICALLY BUSTED by the 4 Masteries :)

WARNING: The 4 Masteries cause an automatic Awakening in you, the awakening to your True Nature, your True Self, free of the shackles and baggage of the past.

Let me quickly illustrated how the 4 Masteries work…

The first thing to understand is that, through the normal process of growing up, from birth to adult, we have all been domesticated, socialized, programmed, conditioned.

How do you control an animal that lives freely and naturally in nature? You program it. You condition it. You domesticate it. You socialize it. Correct?

And how do you do that?

You do it through a system of rewards and punishments.

Does that make sense? Would you agree with that? Are you with me so far?

You reward the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors you want to program into the creature. And you punish the ones you want to program out of the creature.

Does that sound familiar? 

This creates a false self-image. It creates a "comfort zone" that the creature learns to unconsciously stay inside. It fears to go outside that comfort zone. The comfort zone is an area of programmed beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions within which the conditioned creature feels safe and assured of acceptance, belonging, approval, survival. 

The comfort zone could be made of pure bullshit, and still "feel safe" for that particular creature because that is all it knows. The comfort zone has nothing to do with truth; it is all about beliefs of survival. It is the "home" of the conditioned identity that feels it is doing the "right thing" to "stay safe" and "do well", as defined by its conditioning. Makes sense?

Outside of that comfort zone, the creature feels threatened, fearful. It doesn't really matter what is actually outside of the comfort zone - there could be gold and goodness and riches beyond imagination waiting for the creature outside the comfort zone, but the creature will still be afraid of going "out there".

It looks like this...

Even if outside the comfort zone everything is totally safe and good... the creature still fears going outside its comfort zone.

The Comfort Zone maintains the False Self in a self-made prison of the mind and emotions.

Your potential is FAR GREATER than your false self-image, your comfort zone. You don’t even realize or recognize how vast your potential is...

And so what we need to do is to release our brakes, break the fuck OUT of the comfort zone, and leave our conditioned sense of a tiny self behind, in your past where it belongs, and engage the vastness of our Total Being in the ever-present now moment...

And then this happens...

You have a VERY SIMPLE choice to make...

Either you annihilate your allegiance to the conditioned false sense of self... or the false self will forever hold you back.

As Jesus said, a man cannot serve two masters. 

You can either serve your small, conditioned sense of self (false self, the unconscious ego)... or you can serve your unlimited True Self, free of programming... but you cannot serve both.

And the 4 masteries are the way to begin doing that, serving your highest self.

How do we inspire ourselves to greatness, when nothing else will do?

When you bring your Soul to your entrepreneurs' journey and your life in general, you experience Divinity, you get unstuck, you get unf*cked, you get unleashed!

It is THE DOOR OUT OF THE PRISON of the mind!

That is what these 4 Masteries do for you.

When I applied them, I was finally able to shift from approaching myself and my life from the conditioned sense of a limited, small, fearful self (unconscious ego)... approaching life from an Unlimited Divine Self (an Awakened Being).

I begun to discover what unlocking the hidden power of my Soul in my entrepreneurs' journey does to my business, my life.

It changes EVERYTHING!

These 4 Masteries have become one of my greatest passions. Studying them, applying them, and becoming better at them excites me so much, that I decided to teach these 4 Masteries to you…

Course Curriculum for Releasing Your Brakes & Getting Out Of Your Own Way

See what's inside

  • 02
    The GAME CHANGER TRANSFORMATION: How To Take Quantum Leaps Forward In Your Manifesting
    Show Content
    • Power vs Force: A Scientific, Measurable Overview Of The Transformation You Are About To Experience
    • How To Take Quantum Leaps Forward In Your Manifesting
  • 03
    STEP 1: How To Unmask The Hidden Baggage & Thief-In-The-Night Holding You Back Inside Yourself
    Show Content
    • What is domestication, socialisation, conditioning, programming?
    • How your domestication created your subconscious wounds, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs
    • Technically speaking, you are NOT broken! You simply need a perspective-correction to remember how to see yourself and your world truthfully. Here’s how...
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Abandonment
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Mistrust & Abuse
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Emotional Deprivation
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Social Exclusion
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Dependence
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Vulnerability
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Defectiveness
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Failure
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Subjugation
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Unrelenting Standards
    • Lifetraps (False Beliefs/Stories): Entitlement
    • Trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD
    • Codependence
    • Toxic Shame, Guilt
    • Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheet & Checklist
  • 04
    STEP 2: How To Discover What You Really Are (And The Astonishing Divine Powers That Lay Dormant Inside You)
    Show Content
    • The Game of Life
    • True Self (Pure Awareness) vs False Self (Domesticated/Socialised Self, the Personality Mask)
    • The Greatest Secret
    • There is ONLY ONE Source
    • The Consciousness & Energy Traps of Our Current Monetary System
    • Fill-In-The-Blanks Worksheet & Checklist
  • 05
    STEP 3: How To Release Your Brakes, Take Off, And Reach Your Greatest Heights Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
    Show Content
    • An Introduction To Releasing Your Brakes
    • An Overview of the 4 Masteries (The Practices & Tools To Release Your Brakes)
    • The Mastery of Awareness (Mindfulness)
    • The 9 Levels of Radical Mindfulness, the Stairway to Heaven on Earth, Becoming Unfuckwithable
    • The Mastery of Transformation - An Overview
    • MoT - The Practice of Self Acceptance
    • MoT - The Practice of Radical Honesty
    • MoT - The Practice of Self Assertiveness
    • MoT - The Practice of Emotional Vulnerability
    • MoT - The Practice of Self Determination
    • MoT - The Practice of Self Responsibility
    • MoT - The Practice of Silencing Your Inner Critic
    • MoT - The Practice of Living Consciously
    • MoT - The Practice of Personal Integrity
    • MoT - The Practice of Building Your Self Esteem
    • MoT - The Practice of Just Doing It. (Screw It, Just Do It! Just Pull The Trigger)
    • MoT - Grief Work
    • The Mastery of Love (Amor Fati. Whatever Arises, Love That, Because Everything Is Here To Help You)
    • The Mastery of Love - Part 2: Cultivating The 5 Basic Needs of the Heart
    • Mastery of Asking - Prayer (To Whatever Higher Power / Source / Creator / Universe / Life Force You Believe In)
    • Mastery of Asking - Lightwork / Energy Work
    • "I put that **** on EVERYTHING!"
    • How to use the 4 masteries to break your conditioning, reveal hidden belief systems, and go beyond your comfort zone
    • BONUS: The Ultimate Buddhist Psychology "Cheat Sheet"
    • Recommend resources
  • 06
    Next steps
    Show Content
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Before you go...

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If you share one or more of these personality traits...

  • You have an intense calling to be of value to others and leave the world a better place than you found it (you love Mother Earth, even as you love your entrepreneurial Calling)
  • Felt driven by an intense focus on getting ahead (and you love abundance for all)
  • Been called a “dreamer” because you can see the future so clearly, even though no one around you is ready to believe it yet.
  • Tried a lot of different things, have had a lot of different interests, and you have gathered a diverse range of skills along the way, all of which has led you to find it difficult or impossible to follow the old rigid structures of society
  • You are highly sensitive to internal and external constraints and you feel it in you that they are artificial limits that can be transcended.
  • Felt like you are 'waking up', and you know that this is the time when humanity has a chance to find true freedom, true peace, true abundance, and true equality for all, and to nurture our home planet. Your spiritual warrior energy is getting stronger, and your entrepreneurial calling is getting stronger.
  • You are tired and done of old baggage getting in your way, and you are ready to do the work necessary to shake it all off once and for all.
  • You are yearning to discover your true magnificent potential, and you can feel it in you that you are much, much more than you have been led to believe you are.

... then this message is for you. You have come to the right place. You have found your people!

Let's start...

Did you know you can unleash your vast potentials and get out of your own way, by applying the 5-Step Quantum Leap Method?

  • Step 1: Set A Clear Vision
  • Step 2: Add “Force Multiplier
  • Step 3: Make A Plan & Do It
  • Step 4: Eliminate Obstacles
  • Step 5: Test, Track, Tweak

Now... I know that may sound old and familiar, or maybe even simplistic, but bear with me, keep reading, and you will see where the elusive mastery is hidden in plain sight.

How can such a simplistic method enable you to achieve feats of greatness?

Well, to answer that question... Do you ever wonder why people experience 'failures' and 'obstacles' such as these ones:

  • They have too much pressure and noise in their lives (overwhelm)
  • They are too emotionally and financially vulnerable because of the risks they have to take, with not enough protection and support
  • They are unable to be themselves and let their strengths and gifts shine through
  • They battle Entrepreneurial Suppression and how society’s inherent goals for conformity create unnecessary constraints
  • They fear failing/succeeding, poverty, being an imposter (imposter syndrome), and so on
  • They believe they lack resources
  • They have psychological warfare inside of themselves, against themselves
  • They suffer perfectionism/procrastination/paralysis, low self-esteem, negative expectation, and other such issues brought about by their upbringing events and conditioning

Here's the secret...they are literally getting in their own way, mostly unconsciously. We all go through life with our brakes on in various areas, and all we need do is release our brakes!

Hence the saying, "There is no such thing as a business or life problem, only a personal problem manifested in business/life".

Makes sense, right?

I mean... in certain areas, despite everything you have tried, do you STILL feel stuck? And in those areas, do you struggle in frustration, trying to put a finger on what's missing? Is there a blockage inside you that you still can't quite identify?

If so, let me assure you that you are not alone in that experience. Almost ALL humans struggle with this, in one area or another. Most never figure it out their whole lifetime... YET there is a simple explanation to this phenomenon... and a WAY OUT! You CAN indeed break this pattern.

Let us look into this further...

We are all born into society. That society then socializes us, conditions, and programs us, domesticates us. What I mean is that, just like an animal is domesticated, humans are domesticated as well, like this...

It happens through a system of reward and punishment...

To condition a creature, you reward the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors you want to program into the creature. And you punish the ones you want to program out of the creature.

Does that sound familiar?

This creates a false self-image. A comfort zone that the creature learns to unconsciously stay inside. It unconsciously fears to go outside that comfort zone:

Even if outside the comfort zone everything is totally safe and good... it still fears going outside its comfort zone. The Comfort Zone contains the False Self in a prison of the mind and emotions.

Your potential is FAR GREATER than your false self-image, your comfort zone. You don’t even realize or recognize how vast your potential is...

The fears in the comfort zone are the subconscious wounding from the rewards and punishment system... we don't wish to touch the wound as it triggers 'the past', so we stay stuck, trapped inside the wounded small self-concept. Although people who have experienced traumatic childhoods have more issues to overcome than most, even 'nice people' who don't have 'serious problems' are boxed into a limiting self-concept defined by their conditioning.

Regardless, if we don't "know thyself" using certain techniques, we tend to stay stuck in our conditioning. And the same things seem to keep messing with us over and over and over again, the same old thing, repeating patterns from our conditioning...

We seem plagued by the same old preoccupations, struggling with the same old impeded actions. Sadly... they don't teach this stuff in school, yet this is the stuff that holds most people back. Self-sabotage, the law of attraction not working, fear of this and that, subconscious blockages, self-doubt... it is all traceable to this.

When our body, mind, emotions, and energy are compromised by limiting conditioning, we fail to move in flow with life, or we move in awkward ways. This restriction of inner and outer flow isn't good news to an entrepreneur, is it? You need to become untethered, unleashed!

The big question on my clients' minds is..."How can I fix all this and release my brakes? How can I get out of my own way and discover my magnificence?"

Many clients come to me in a state of frustration and confusion about this issue that impedes so much of humanity. They wish to break free.

Why do they come to me?

Because I have been in the same boat! Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt! I, too, like every human, have been, at times, screwed sideways by limiting conditioning! The only difference might be that, unlike many people, I have dedicated my life to finding and documenting solutions, looking into places that most people don't dare look, areas that "authorities" fear to look! That is why they come to me.

I've been on this for a very long time, increasing my ability to not only liberate myself but also liberate others. I have a few decades of experience. That does not mean that I have all the answers - I don't - but I do have more than most.

The truth is, the human being is always evolving. So I would be lying to you if I told you that there is such a thing as a "final solution", a magic bullet that allows you to be problem-free for the rest of your life! There isn't such a thing, my friend. As long as we are human, we will always face challenges, 99% from our own ego. The only difference between a Master and a Sheeple is that the Master has known thyself, they know how to handle their being-ness and rise above, transcend, the challenges of the ego, on a moment by moment basis, whereas a Sheeple is unconsciously controlled by the conditioned ego. The Master progressively becomes "in this world but not of it". Mastery is freedom and power.

And that is what this All-Access Pass is all about - gaining the freedom and power that comes with Self-Mastery.

It took me over 20 years to discover and put together everything in the All-Access Pass, and I would like to share my 20+ years of expertise with you

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Sounds good?

Full Access To Over 120+ Courses, Tools & Resources: Monthly Subscription With Free Trial? Or One Week Access?

Get Your All-Access Pass To Over 120+ Courses, Tools & Resources

Today, you can begin to increase your self-mastery in your entrepreneurial and general life... OR you can continue to experience the Cost of Inaction:

The Cost of Inaction? Yes, things like:

  • Having too much internal pressure and noise (overwhelm)
  • Not knowing what to do with the "unwanted" thoughts and emotions and how they unconsciously drive unwanted action or inaction
  • Inability to relax and be authentically oneself, and let strengths and gifts shine through
  • Ineffectively battle Entrepreneurial Suppression and how society’s inherent goals for conformity create unnecessary constraints
  • Fear failing/succeeding, poverty, being an imposter (imposter syndrome), and so on
  • Believe they lack resources
  • Having psychological warfare inside of oneself, against oneself
  • Suffering perfectionism/procrastination/paralysis, low self-esteem, negative expectation, and other such issues brought about by upbringing events and conditioning
  • Always wondering what could have been, what your true potential and true magnificence taste like.

Full Access To Over 120+ Courses, Tools & Resources: Monthly Subscription With Free Trial? Or One Week Access?

Get Your All-Access Pass To Over 120+ Courses, Tools & Resources

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