NOW! Automatic Growth With:

Is It Possible? An “Almost Automatic” Entrepreneur’s Growth System… Without Confusion… from a Business That Almost Runs Itself!

Step #1: Determine which of the 9 levels you are in on the entrepreneur's journey (see below)

Step #2: Apply the growth recipe for that level

Step #3: Watch your business transcend its current challenges and limitations and transform into something better than you ever imagined, faster than you ever thought possible

I’m going to teach you how to sell a lot more of your stuff and have a lot more impact on your mission…

…yet the answer is probably not what you might expect. 

The answer might not be what you want to hear, but perhaps... just maybe... it is what you NEED to hear. 

Here’s the truth nobody will tell you…

Frankly, many common business beliefs can be outright dangerous, or even biologically fatal, for an entrepreneur.

If you look at the statistics, you might even feel terrified.

Consider this fact: Our culture glorifies the self-reliant, self-sacrificing hard worker. 

Yet, this kind of hard work is what keeps 563 million entrepreneurs frustratingly STUCK in the lowest 4 levels of the entrepreneur’s journey. 

Because, believe it or not, although work is obviously an absolutely necessary ingredient to creating value and wealth, hard work by itself has an upper limit, since, you only have 24 hours in a day and a very limited variety of skills.

And even worse, hard work could also literally kill you with stress, and other health issues, if you try to use it to advance to the higher levels on the entrepreneur’s journey. 

This is just one of many examples of how our society trains entrepreneurs like you and I, to stay stuck at the bottom, unless we break through our conditioning and release our brakes.

Now, let's get straight down to business. 

Did you know that there are 9 levels in the entrepreneurial journey, from zero to a billion? 

LEVEL 1: The Bloody Victim
LEVEL 2: The “Barely Made It” Survivor
LEVEL 3: The Frantic Hustler
LEVEL 4: The Burnt-Out Worker
LEVEL 5: The Team Leader
LEVEL 6: The Leadership Recruiter
LEVEL 7: The Transformational Leader
LEVEL 8: The Trust Holder
LEVEL 9: The Game Changer

Check them out in this video...

And did you know that each level has very specific requirements?

And now, to prepare you for these 9 levels that every entrepreneur must pass through to get to the top, we have gathered proven world-class practices that will save your life and enable your progress at each level, thereby making you a wealthy and empowered conscious entrepreneur, with the capacity to make a massive positive difference to the world with the value that you bring forth. 

You see, the entrepreneurial journey can be very challenging, and data shows that only 4% of entrepreneurs truly succeed. 

The others get crushed and never come close to experiencing their potential. 

And the reason why, as I have discovered, is because no one gave them a Map of that journey, no one taught them how to build a suitable Vehicle to survive that journey, and no one prepared them as a Driver of that vehicle. 

No map, no suitable vehicle, no prepared driver. 

They were screwed going in, right from the start. 

It is not their fault. 

Yet, this failure rate can be prevented.

My name is David and I live in Australasia. Ever since I was a little kid growing up in Africa, I wanted to create value for other people, and to experience wealth doing that. 

And after going to business school in America, starting and running several failed and successful businesses, reading tons of good and bad books, and attending heaps of useful and useless seminars, traveling the world in search of answers - and for good old fun of course...

I realized that while lots of people knew how to be self-employed and stressed out to the max, most of our society has no clue about what it takes to build true businesses that grow sales rapidly, that scale without killing you, businesses that allow you to experience your true potential and the thrill of unleashing the infinite unbounded spirit within. 

I realized, to my own astonishment, that I, too, had no clue, despite having a 4-year degree in international business, from the United States of all places, the capital of capitalism.

For starters, they certainly don’t teach money or entrepreneurship properly in schools, even in business school, and your parents, family, friends, neighborhood, government, religion, and society are more likely to eff you up in the head business-wise than they are able to show you how to build a business that creates massive value and positive impact while developing you as a good human being. 

And it's not their fault... 

Because even they, too, don't know how to leave the rat race, because no one taught them either! 

It’s really not their fault. 

And it’s not your fault either.

So, are we all just crazy? 

Not really. 

Maybe a little. 

But the trap we all face is that when we are faced with a problem or opportunity, the first thing that comes to mind is the advice of your friends and family. 

Or we fall back to the mostly useless stuff they teach us in school. 

We fall back on our conditioning. 

And for all these reasons, the most well known and popular recommendations often turn out to be wrong and deadly.

What you are about to learn here is common-sense to a billionaire. There is nothing I'm going to say here that a billionaire doesn't know, and know a million times better than I do. 

But I would bet some or much of what I am about to say is new to YOU, my fellow entrepreneur. 

I am about to share with you the summarised results of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and I hope it helps you in some way. 

No bull, no Nigerian prince school scams, no industrial-era business school nonsense, and no hippy crap. 

What you are about to learn will definitely grow your wallet, your lifestyle, and your impact.

Before we go any further, I'd like you to keep in mind the words of Marcus Aurelius, the greatest Emperor Rome ever had. 

He said... The obstacle is the way. The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.

You will soon see why that quote will save your life on this journey.

The art of leaning into the obstacle instead of running away from it out of fear and discomfort will serve you well on this journey.

In this journey, you'll go through several deaths and rebirths. 

You will kill parts of your old self, maybe even all of your old self. 

And that's ok. 

That is supposed to happen, and in fact, as you are about to see, it's the ONLY way this works. 

You will die and be born again. 

That's the way of the conscious entrepreneur. 

Here’s the thing: 

If you wanted to go to a new faraway destination, you would need a map, a vehicle, and you would prepare yourself as the driver of that vehicle. 

Along the journey, you would likely meet allies and enemies, and a variety of challenges and temptations. 

You would pass through different milestones and waypoints, and you might need to even change your vehicle a few times, perhaps use a ferry or a plane even. 

And by the time you arrive, you may even be a different person than the one who left. You would have undergone a transformation of some kind. 

Are you with me so far?

The Map.

The Vehicle.

And the Driver.

Makes sense, right?

Now here is the thing: 

The entrepreneur’s journey has 9 milestones, or levels, until the end of the journey.

At each level, at each stop, the vehicle has to undergo some upgrades, and the driver has to undergo a transformation, to enable them to get to the next level. 

The environment, the terrain, the challenges, at each level are completely different. 

Some levels are like the desert, others are like a lush green forest, others are like a snowy paradise, others like the beach, and others like going to outer space. 

And that is why the vehicle and the driver needs an upgrade to get to the next level. 

Does that make sense?

As you are about to see, going through the 9 levels of conscious entrepreneurship is also one of the coolest personal development journeys that exist. 

It rewards you spiritually, emotionally, physically, materially, makes you better at all sorts of relationships, it makes you financially richer and leads you closer to the divinity within you.


1: Not Enough Money

2: Not Enough Time

3: Limited Resources

4: Lack of Support

5: Not Enough Knowledge

6: No Clarity For Your Short And Long Term Goals (Confusion, Noise)

7: Not Enough Self Care (Overwhelm, Stress, Not Enough Play/Relaxation)

...And if you find yourself with too many things to do, no idea or discipline to know what to do first and what to ignore, a full yet unproductive calendar that doesn’t bring satisfactory results, too many distractions, a 70-hour workweek, trouble focusing on the big picture, a lack of direction, constantly putting out fires… 

Then you need to know this…

LEVEL 1: The Bloody Victim

The first 3 levels are all about learning how to master your PERSONAL flow of money, energy, time and attention. 

And, as you would expect, many entrepreneurs start right at the bottom level here. BUT - and this is important to keep in mind - you may find yourself back at this level even when your business has gone to, say, level 5, and you are making a whole bunch of money, and then something happens, things break, and you find yourself at level 1 again temporarily. So although this level is usually reserved for entrepreneurs starting up, it can also be revisited temporarily even by experienced businesses. Does that make sense?

I’ve personally come back to this point a few times in my life, even after I thought I would N-E-V-E-R come back EVER again. It’s part of the cycle, and the faster you stay honest and real about it and don’t try to mask it, and the less you fear it, the more you learn from it and come out stronger. It can be a gift in disguise. Have you ever experienced something in your life that felt like your darkest moment, and later turned out to be a blessing in disguise? That’s what I’m talking about. If you use the pain at this level wisely and embrace it, face it, be honest with it, it will catapult you to great heights.

Now, worldwide, an estimated 352 million entrepreneurs are at this level, a level that is characterized by debt, being financially in the red, and not knowing what the hell you are doing and who you are doing it for. Most often, you are all alone, a self-employed sole proprietor. At this level, you lie to yourself that you have a business, but what you actually have is a job that you own. You don’t have an idiot boss anymore, but you become your own idiot boss. But that’s all OK, we all start somewhere. You will become a wise boss soon.

Walt Disney, Henry Ford, and Milton Hershey (of Hershey's chocolates) all declared bankruptcy TWICE, before finally getting their shit together and making it big. 

Even Abraham Lincoln went bankrupt once in his first business venture. 

And that’s not all! 

J. K. Rowling was as poor as a church mouse while she struggled with the beginnings of Harry Potter. 

The moral of the story is until you master your personal financial flow and get off the madness of spending more than you earn, you cannot leave this zone. 

You have to learn how to balance your books, at a very, very personal, intimate level, before you can learn how to balance your business, at a larger level. (See below for the recipe on how to do this)

But get this...

The main reason why people find themselves in this zone has nothing to do with money (and that is why winning the lottery will not solve the challenges found at this level). 

The BIGGEST reason why people find themselves at this level is that they don’t know themselves yet, which then means that they haven’t identified their niche properly, which then means that they don’t know who their perfect customer is. 

Again, that’s OK. 

Almost no one is born knowing their niche. 

Sometimes it takes a while to discover it...

John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola when he was 55 years old...

Ray Kroc bought McDonald’s when he was 59 years old...

Colonel Sanders did KFC at 62 years of age...

Henry Ford was 45 when he created the Model T car, after his first two bankruptcies...

Samuel L. Jackson was 43 years old before he found his grove and had his first hit film...

Charles Darwin was 50 when he wrote: “On the Origin of Species”...

And George Lucas found his Star Wars niche after messing around with a few other things...

And here’s some even better news for you: By being conscious and deliberate, you may be able to find your niche much earlier in life, if your soul’s purpose is aligned with that. 

Sara Blakely became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire by working on herself and her business vehicle very deliberately, very early. 

And so did Zhou Quinfei, the world’s wealthiest self-made female billionaire. 

And many, many others all over the world who have successfully gone way beyond level 1. 

Do you follow me so far? Does this make sense to you?

The point is, if you find yourself here, the solution to leaving Level 1 is to narrow down on your niche, define your perfect customer that you will focus on and serve, and bring your expenses down below your income by first simplifying your life, rather than complicating it further.

Now, let’s examine this level:

1. ** Typical Experience** - Here, a person feels like A Victim. Out of Control. Struggle. Denial. Anxiety. Stress. Panic. Uncertainty. Exhaustion. A lot of Complaining. Judging. Blaming. Fearful. There’s also likely to be Workaholism. Low self-esteem. And plenty of Procrastination, which comes about from not knowing what to do and being fearful.

2.  **The Challenges** - The challenges include Internal Noise. Confusion. Dabbling. Chasing shiny objects. Trying to do everything all at once, single-handedly. They are hemorrhaging, they are leaking time, money, attention, and energy.

3. **Favourite Excuses or Limiting Beliefs** - The excuses you most often hear from people at this level is “I’ve got lots of ideas I want to pursue, I can’t cut any more expenses, I can’t earn more, I’ll just hope for the best and everything will magically change, My business needs the money more than I do and that’s why I pay myself last and that’s why I have no money, and I’m doing this for love and not for money. That last excuse is OK if they weren’t struggling financially and wishing things were different. Otherwise, it’s likely just another excuse.

4. **The Vehicle & Driver Changes Needed To Get You Into Next Level** 

For this, and all the other levels, there are certain specific “recipes” designer to move you out of this level and into the next (see below).

LEVEL 2: The “Barely Made It” Survivor

About 132 million entrepreneurs worldwide are at this level.

Financially, at this level, the person is just above broke. 

They have enough to survive without relying on new debt. 

But they have nothing left over to invest. 

They have just enough to have nothing beyond basic essentials, really. 

It’s not really about how much they earn, it is about how much they have leftover.

I’ll tell you a quick personal story.

When I was in my early twenties, I designed and built a search engine optimization software called PositionWeaver. 

I built a business around it and started making some money. 

I lived in a 5-star resort, drove around in a customized BMW 325 sports car, and traveled a bit, and partied hard. 

I thought I had made it. 

But the truth is, although I was taking in several thousand dollars a month, I was spending it all on the lifestyle. 

I had no investments. 

And I was always concerned, at the back of my mind, about what would happen next month. 

It was a high level of hand to mouth living. 

Externally I looked rich and successful and young, but the truth is, I was just a better-dressed rat in the rat race.

Even the best-dressed rat in the rat race is still a rat, right? 

What you want is not to be the best-looking rat in the rat race, but to be out of the rat race altogether. 

You want to fly with the eagles. 

That’s the goal. Right?

1. ** Typical Experience** - At level 2, entrepreneurs often literally feel like a battle survivor. Which is a level up above feeling like a battle victim, right? They have some relief, some more self-worth and joy than they did as a victim, but they still hold some level of anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. And procrastination is still there.

2. **The Challenges** - They feel stuck, like no matter what they try, they can’t scale and grow. And boy do they try! They really, do try. A for effort!

3. **Favourite Excuses or Limiting Beliefs** - Their limiting beliefs or favorite excuses are “I believe the harder I work, the more I get ahead. I just have to keep pushing harder. I feel guilty about taking care of myself first.”

4. **The Vehicle & Driver Changes Needed To Get You Into Next Level** - What got you to this level won’t get you to the next level. If you are here and wish to go to the next level, follow the recipes we have for you below. And remember... the obstacle is the way! If you change nothing, nothing will change.

LEVEL 3: The Frantic Hustler

There are about 37 million entrepreneurs globally at this level.

Someone at this level is able to make sales consistently and has extra money at the end of each week or month to invest with. 

At this level, we start to see six-figure revenues. 

This person is still a solopreneur, but they now start having an assistant or a partner or even a contractor or two that shares some of the work with them.

Several years ago, I started a real estate agency and invited a couple of old friends as partners, and for the first year and a half or so, we barely made any profits. 

We struggled. 

Besides the three of us, we had no staff, and worse, we didn’t have any systems. 

We just got up every day and got busy on whatever shiny object crosses our path that day, or whatever fire we needed to fight that day. 

Chaos and no profits. 

We realized we weren’t running a business, we were just being foolish hustlers. 

So, we decided to focus on building marketing systems to ensure that we had a growing mailing list that received offers from us almost every day, and so on. 

The money started coming in. 

And at the start of that next year, we did a turnover of about $4.2 million in real estate sale volume as agents, all because of the promotional systems we put in place. 

Sadly, our sales commissions and profit margins on that turnover were very thin indeed, so we didn’t get rich off that, but at least we left level 3 and went to level 4.

1. ** Typical Experience** - At level 3, entrepreneurs feel financially OK but stuck. Because no amount of extra hard work will get them to the next level. Anonymity. Fear. Frustration. Dependence. And Procrastination is common. If they hadn’t realized it before, this is when it starts to become crystal clear to them that more hard work isn’t getting them anywhere. They hustle harder, but nothing changes.

2. **The Challenges** - If you are at this level, you usually do all the sales and delivery yourself, manually, laboriously. Automation is non-existent, and that starts to become a problem as you become more and more overwhelmed by your growing success. You cannot escape it now - you need systems!

3. **Favourite Excuses or Limiting Beliefs** - The excuses we hear at this level include “I can’t seem to get ahead, I don’t have enough time or skills to automate, I don’t want to lose that personal touch with my clients by automating, I need to do the right thing and personally work hard to earn an honest living.”

4. **The Vehicle & Driver Changes Needed To Get You Into Next Level** - Once you conquer this level, you will have mastered personal flow and you will be ready to begin learning how to master market flow. 

As always, what got you to this level won’t get you to the next level. 

If you are at this level and you wish to go to the next level, begin to master market flow by following the recipes below. 

And remember... the obstacle is the way. 

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

LEVEL 4: The Burnt-Out Worker

And now we move from mastering personal flow to mastering market flow. 

An estimated 42 million entrepreneurs at this level globally. 

Financially, we start to see some single-digit millionaires appear here, but most are still 6 figure earners. 

The team size, however, hasn’t changed from the previous level, and people at this level are still sole entrepreneurs perhaps with an assistant and some contractors or outsourced help. 

They are still self-employed, they are not yet true business owners.

1. ** Typical Experience** - If you are at this level, you find that you love what you do, and money and opportunities are flowing to you nicely in a refreshing way, like nothing you have experienced before! Happy days! You are now securely self-reliant and very cashflow positive. But here’s the problem. You are working overtime! Financially doing well but stressed to the max! Burnout. Everything revolves around you. If you don’t show up, everything stops and falls apart. Everything relies on your one small brain - no offense - for decisions and ideas and everything else, and suddenly you become your business's weakest link, the bottleneck, the greatest limiting factor. And because of that, procrastination also remains common.

2. **The Challenges** - You are now definitely better at what you do. However, you now get stuck because you have maxed out your resources and your calendar. There is no slack left; you are running at full speed and you cannot add any more. You have too many clients and too little time and too little resources to serve them. All this limits your growth and your impact. Achieving only a fraction of your potential. And you may start to feel some isolation.

3. **Favourite Excuses or Limiting Beliefs** - Excuses we hear at this level include “I have to do this myself, no one else can do what I do as well as I do it. I don’t have the money to pay for help. I’m too busy to find and train the right people.”

4. **The Vehicle & Driver Changes Needed To Get You Into Next Level** - As always, what got you to this level won’t get you to the next level. If you are at this level and you wish to go to the next level, see the recipes below on how you begin to master market flow.

Hang on to your seat because, at each stage of this game, you often have to let go of the very thing that made you successful before...

...because at a new level, the old successful habit becomes your new harmful habit. 

You have to let go of the things that gave you a sense of identity and self-esteem and adopt strange new beliefs that may not make sense when compared to your old conditioning. 

And that can be scary or cause resistance, correct?

Which is why... the obstacle is the way!

(And don't worry... our training on the Driver will show you how to handle this with )

At every single level, you will notice this is the case. 

And in this way, because of this, the entrepreneurial journey really is a spiritual journey as well, an incubator for soul growth, an arena for self-mastery and transformation.

LEVEL 5: The Team Leader

An estimated 15 million entrepreneurs are at this level globally.

We start to see many single-digit millionaires, earning up to about $3 million. 

This is the first level where we see true businesses. 

A true business owner is someone who has a business that can run without them because the team can take over.

If you are at this level, your team size will likely be a single team that is dependent on you as both a team player and as the team’s leader. 

This means that you sometimes still work inside your business as part of the team, even as you lead your team.

You can get away for a while and leave your business still running, but you cannot get away for too long… maybe a few weeks at most at a time, and then you must come back and join the workforce. 

You can get away many times a year, but you still have to come back. 

And that’s not a bad thing, that’s OK. 

We are simply pointing out the features of each level.

1. ** Typical Experience** - Here, your time and tasks are delegated, and even better, your business goals are delegated, and you feel free, powerful, capable. The difference with the previous levels is that the focus is not on you anymore, it is on your team. It is not about how you personally create value, make money and become better, it is about how your TEAM members get better, create value, and make more money for the whole organization. It’s about building the culture of the team as a whole. And it is about measuring everything and having systems in place. Here, higher-level opportunities come to you now more than they ever did before, and you can handle them with the help of your team.

2. **The Challenges** - Challenges include team politics. Loss of some types of personal freedoms because now you are exposed to new strangers at a close level. Plus you have maintenance costs.

3. **Favourite Excuses or Limiting Beliefs** - There is one excuse here that prevents people from moving forward. It is, “I am the only one who can lead my team.” This excuse spells out the biggest fear that many entrepreneurs face, which is the fear of letting go of the leadership, and control, of their team, and giving that control to a trusted third-party leadership.

4. **The Vehicle & Driver Changes Needed To Get You Into Next Level** - As always, what got you to this level won’t get you to the next level. See the recipes below for how to move to the next level.

LEVEL 6: The Leadership Recruiter

The numbers fall significantly, and only an estimated 6 million entrepreneurs are at this level.

Here, we find single-digit to double-digit millionaires, with revenues up to about $10 million.

Here, finally, the entrepreneur has a trusted and capable leader or leadership team to run their team for them. 

A whole new level of financial and time freedom is achieved by this entrepreneur.

As Richard Branson says, “hire great talent, give them the tools to succeed, treat them really well, get out of the way.” 

And he should know, because today, Richard Branson's Virgin Group controls over 400 companies worldwide. (He is a Level 9).

1. ** Typical Experience** - If this is your level, you now begin to have a business that can truly work without you having to be physically present. You now know how to recruit and cultivate true leadership, and you have an independent team that has its own leadership. You are no longer involved in the day-to-day details of the business. Instead, you focus on working with the leadership team on the big picture, and they work with the rest of the team for you on the day-to-day operations.

2. **The Challenges** - The challenge here is that you begin to have even more and more people working for you, and that number is growing, and you begin to not even know most of them. Hundreds of daily decisions are being made for you by people you don't even know, who all work for you. Things can get chaotic if you let go without adequate checks and balances, without good systems, or if you fall back to fear and micromanagement.

3. **The Vehicle & Driver Changes Needed To Get You Into Next Level** - As always, what got you to this level won’t get you to the next level. To keep your growing empire healthy, see the recipes below.

After this level, the entrepreneur completes their mastery of market flow, and they are ready to begin the mastery of global flow.

LEVEL 7: The Transformational Leader

At last, at this level, the entrepreneur begins learning to master global flow.

An estimated 2 million entrepreneurs worldwide are at this level, and their revenues maybe somewhere around $10 million to $30 million.

And because they have mastered the art of building teams and cultivating or recruiting leadership to run those teams, they now have multiple teams that run independently of them. 

They can now safely and successfully run multiple businesses without going crazy. 

As we saw earlier, Richard Branson (who is a Level 9) is a good example of this. The guy has about 400 companies, yet he is always out and about having fun, whereas you and I would implode and have a nervous breakdown if we suddenly woke up to find ourselves responsible for 400 companies and thousands of employees.

At this level, the entrepreneur has therefore also earned the title of a true INVESTOR.

A person who owns many truely independent businesses is a true investor.

Sure, anyone can invest a few hundred dollars in Facebook shares on the stock market, or get a mortgage and buy a house for rent, but a true world-class investor is someone who owns businesses that create value and generate cash-flow, day in, day out, without them having to show up.

1. ** Typical Experience** - At this level, you can now begin to have multiple businesses that all can truly work without you having to be there at all. You can have multiple independent teams. You are no longer involved in the details of each business. Instead, you focus on key indicators, key financials, agreements, and expanding access to big resources and key people. You also hold monthly meetings with your investment teams to monitor your entire portfolio. You have your own personal financial advisors and lawyers that are independent of your businesses. You mentor and coach your leadership ring and set the big strategy, with their help. You don’t need to be in the trenches with them doing the actual day-by-day work inside the business anymore. You surround yourself with people who are a lot better than you in their fields and you empower them to be their best for you. Whereas in the previous level as a team leader you delegated tasks and jobs, at this level, as a mentor to our leadership ring, you are no longer delegating tasks and jobs, you are delegating outcomes and success. You trust that your leaders will find a way to achieve the outcomes you set, and make key decisions themselves, autonomously. You practice transformational leadership and focus on growing your leadership teams and helping them excel. You have cultivated the ability and authority to attract high performing leaders for your teams, businesses, and assets, and you are able to own multiple businesses and assets that are all managed well and without you. This is also the level where you start societal and global flow mastery.

2. ** The Vehicle & Driver Changes Needed To Get You Into Next Level** - As always, what got you to this level won’t get you to the next level. You have even more and more people working for you, and that number is growing, and you don't even know most of them. Now thousands of decisions are being made for you by people you don't even know, who all work for you. Your recipe for growing needs to take care of this (see below).

LEVEL 8: The Trust Holder

Only about 1.5 million entrepreneurs are at this level. Maybe even fewer. It's difficult to know exactly because global data is hard to come by.

Their businesses generate revenues between $30 - $100 million.

1. ** Typical Experience** - Here, you begin to be able to move millions of people, and millions or even billions of dollars worth of resources simply with your word, because people trust you and your track record. People fight for the chance to invest with you, to work with you, to relate to you, to partner with you, to buy from you. You begin to have ever-increasing trust from your market and its participants and gatekeepers and so on. Trust becomes an even bigger asset to you than money, and it can create money literally out of thin air, with just your word and presence. 

2. **The Challenges** - At some point, you might find that you need to help your customers and suppliers, your tribe, to grow with you if they start to become the limiting factor.

3. **The Vehicle & Driver Changes Needed To Get You Into Next Level** - As always, what got you to this level won’t get you to the next level. See the recipes below, and remember, the obstacle is the way! If you change nothing, nothing will change.

LEVEL 9: The Game Changer

Only an estimated 480,000 entrepreneurs are at this level. Maybe fewer.

About 2,600 of these are billionaires. 

Revenues range between $100 million to billions of dollars.

1. **Typical Experience** - At this level, you literally are part of the few who make the rules and structures for the rest of society to live by, through the products and services you create, the businesses you own, and the influence you have. And if you happen to be a billionaire, you are in a class of your own. Billionaires are usually the tiny fraction of the population that will not tolerate most of the crap you and I will tolerate, and who will easily withstand a lot of the pressure you and I are unable to withstand, and that is why their lives sometimes look so alien to the rest of the people. That’s not to say they are better than anyone. No one human is a better human than another human. A human is a human. But their nervous system, their mind, their emotional system, has undergone a level of conditioning and transformation that your’s hasn’t until you get there yourself. And you probably can, if it’s in your life path, and you are open and willing to unleash that inner being rather than hold it back. We become through experience. Most of us will never know what we are truly capable of, because we hold ourselves back, and we tolerate a lot of unnecessary shit. For example, when you look at the poorest countries of the world, you realize that these countries are actually very rich in natural and Human Resources. However, they tolerate a lot of unnecessary tyranny and oppression from within themselves, within their own countries, and from external manipulative forces. And they hold themselves back. This truth holds at every level, from personal to corporate to societal to global. Right now as a planet, we are tolerating a lot of shit and allowing our home planet to be destroyed through sheer stupidity and greed, and we will end up paying for it unless we rise up and set new standards ourselves, personally. It starts with you and me, personally.

2. **The Challenges** - Now, the challenges at this level include Public scrutiny. Critics begin to focus on you once you become a big, visible target. And as you gain raving fans who see you as a savior, you also gain people who see you as the enemy or even the devil. You are no longer at risk of losing your money, but you may be at risk of losing your life, depending on how big and how powerful you get, hence the need for bodyguards. You simply learn to be at peace with these extreme highs and lows. Also, you become so far removed from people who work for you, so many layers away, and the decisions they make for you, that isolation and loss of passion might be experienced. You can heal isolation and loss of passion by connecting with your community and using the trust, the networks, and the skills you have built to give back and to do big things for society, for others. Here, you can really have a massive positive impact on a societal scale should you choose to. If you look at Bill Gates, for example, he is using his retirement from Microsoft to do some super-human things, such as eliminating malaria, poverty and malnutrition, setting better government public policies, replacing fossil fuel energy with safe next-generation nuclear energy, and even ensuring people without toilets get one even if they don’t have plumbing and live in slums!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the entrepreneur’s journey.

Powerful Beyond Measure...

I believe that humans are powerful beyond measure, that deep within us all there dwells slumbering powers; powers that would astonish us, powers we never dreamed we possessed, forces that would revolutionize our lives and our home planet if aroused and put into action. 

The problem is that nobody ever teaches us What We Really are, and how the world really works, and how value, abundance, money and wealth is made outside of the old industrial model of business and employment. 

The traditional education and employment path is fundamentally broken, and we are here to play our part in fixing it. 

With the right wisdom applied, we can live our dreams and transform the lives of others and our home planet.

I believe that entrepreneurs change the world. 

Furthermore, there is a new breed of entrepreneurs that’s a Force for Good, you and I. 

And together, with each following our unique Calling, we can herald a better world, a New Earth in a New Energy, a sustainable, thriving, and magnificent future for all humankind. 

We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

If not us, then who? 

If not now, then when? 

If not here, then where? 

We are the ones who will break the chains. 

We are Conscious Entrepreneurs, creating a new economic paradigm. 

Businesspeople who actively cultivate self-awareness and personal growth, in touch with ourselves and our home planet Earth, willing to look both inward and outward to achieve outstanding results. 

Applying the new professional superpower of body, mind, and spirit. Vehicle, Driver & Map.

When the three become one, all things are possible.

We have just seen what the 9 levels are...

... here now is a course that contains the recipes you need to go up each of those levels...

Course Curriculum for Building Your "Best Ever" Business Machine

See what's inside

  • 02
    LEVEL 1: The Bloody Victim
    Show Content
  • 03
    LEVEL 2: The “Barely Made It” Survivor
    Show Content
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Advancement Key #1: How to become a TRUE marketing master (and not just a random advertiser)
    • Advancement Key #2: How to define your brand (simplify your product and service offering so your ideal customers better understand the value and so on)
    • Advancement Key #3: How to treat yourself! Pay yourself first, reduce self-denial, increase self-worth and self-care.
    • Fix Your Plumbing CALCULATOR: Enter Your Income And Discover How Best To Bank And Use It
    • Advancement Key #4: How to raise all your standards in thoughts, actions, where and with who you spend time with, on what you put your attention on, on what you will settle for, what you will no longer tolerate, how you will treat yourself and others, and
    • Advancement Key #5: How to find existing flows of abundance and join them. Instead of digging a well in a desert and hoping to find water, find a huge river of abundance that is already flowing and tap into it through partnering and contribution.
    • TIP #1: Manifest new realities faster, customise your compelling Future Vision to include what you just learned
    • TIP #2: How to use the 4 masteries & inject Divinity to achieve this level's advancement requirements with least resistance, less struggle, more joy, and more flow
  • 04
    LEVEL 3: The Frantic Hustler
    Show Content
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Advancement Key #1: How to automate your promotions. Attract and convert new members of your tribe automatically, constantly and consistently using automation of promotions so it scales and grows without needing your time and presence.
    • Advancement Key #2: How to increase flow by treating everything as a distinct project or a distinct process. Projects are things that add flow. Processes are things that maintain flow.
    • Advancement Key #3: How to sharpen your brand even further! Become more of a specialist, and less of a generalist.
    • TIP #1: Manifest new realities faster, customise your compelling Future Vision to include what you just learned
    • TIP #2: How to use the 4 masteries & inject Divinity to achieve this level's advancement requirements with least resistance, less struggle, more joy, and more flow
  • 05
    LEVEL 4: The Burnt-Out Worker
    Show Content
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Advancement Key #1: How to switch from independence to interdependence. Trash the belief that only you can think or do things and decide to delegate and let go, learn to handle your fear of loss of control, and build a team.
    • Advancement Key #2: How to dramatically improve your self-care. Trash the belief that working harder is the solution, because it really isn’t. What you need is LESS hard work and much, much MORE self-care.
    • TIP #1: Manifest new realities faster, customise your compelling Future Vision to include what you just learned
    • TIP #2: How to use the 4 masteries & inject Divinity to achieve this level's advancement requirements with least resistance, less struggle, more joy, and more flow
  • 06
    LEVEL 5: The Team Leader
    Show Content
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Advancement Key #1: Ensuring that your business generates substantial cash, within a trusted structure of systems and processes, so you can attract the confidence and loyalty of high-level leaders to work for you and manage your team, assets & businesses
    • Advancement Key #2: Have a system and assistants in place to help you keep your balance, and stay well-informed, flexible, and well taken care of.
    • Advancement Key #3: Invest in learning how to lead leaders
    • TIP #1: Manifest new realities faster, customise your compelling Future Vision to include what you just learned
    • TIP #2: How to use the 4 masteries & inject Divinity to achieve this level's advancement requirements with least resistance, less struggle, more joy, and more flow
  • 07
    LEVEL 6: The Leadership Recruiter
    Show Content
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Advancement Key #1: Invest massively in communication systems and in leadership development programs, to keep your organisation running smoothly.
    • Advancement Key #2: Invest in systems that scale your movement and your tribe, so that your suppliers and customers scale with you, because at some point, you will become a lot bigger and a lot more sophisticated than they are.
    • TIP #1: Manifest new realities faster, customise your compelling Future Vision to include what you just learned
    • TIP #2: How to use the 4 masteries & inject Divinity to achieve this level's advancement requirements with least resistance, less struggle, more joy, and more flow
  • 08
    LEVEL 7: The Transformational Leader
    Show Content
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Advancement Key #1: Keep investing massively in communication systems, reporting systems, investment management, and leadership development.
    • Advancement Key #2: Because your teams are now really running the whole show for you, you must let them guide you even further as to how and where you need to be to help them achieve the best outcomes, and so that you are in sync with the rhythm and flow.
    • TIP #1: Manifest new realities faster, customise your compelling Future Vision to include what you just learned
    • TIP #2: How to use the 4 masteries & inject Divinity to achieve this level's advancement requirements with least resistance, less struggle, more joy, and more flow
  • 09
    LEVEL 8: The Trust Holder
    Show Content
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Advancement Key #1: You now need to start investing in systems to grow your tribe, your movement. Your businesses now knows how to scale, but you may need to help your tribe grow with you.
    • Advancement Key #2: Mergers and acquisitions. Lots of companies do mergers and acquisitions to fill in different gaps or acquire new revenue streams.
    • TIP #1: Manifest new realities faster, customise your compelling Future Vision to include what you just learned
    • TIP #2: How to use the 4 masteries & inject Divinity to achieve this level's advancement requirements with least resistance, less struggle, more joy, and more flow
  • 10
    LEVEL 9: The Game Changer
    Show Content
    • Introduction & Overview
  • 11
    Next steps
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    • Congrats! Here's What's Next...
    • Before you go...

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  • Felt driven by an intense focus on getting ahead (and you love abundance for all)
  • Been called a “dreamer” because you can see the future so clearly, even though no one around you is ready to believe it yet.
  • Tried a lot of different things, have had a lot of different interests, and you have gathered a diverse range of skills along the way, all of which has led you to find it difficult or impossible to follow the old rigid structures of society
  • You are highly sensitive to internal and external constraints and you feel it in you that they are artificial limits that can be transcended.
  • Felt like you are 'waking up', and you know that this is the time when humanity has a chance to find true freedom, true peace, true abundance, and true equality for all, and to nurture our home planet. Your spiritual warrior energy is getting stronger, and your entrepreneurial calling is getting stronger.
  • You are tired and done of old baggage getting in your way, and you are ready to do the work necessary to shake it all off once and for all.
  • You are yearning to discover your true magnificent potential, and you can feel it in you that you are much, much more than you have been led to believe you are.

... then this message is for you. You have come to the right place. You have found your people!

Let's start...

Did you know you can unleash your vast potentials and get out of your own way, by applying the 5-Step Quantum Leap Method?

  • Step 1: Set A Clear Vision
  • Step 2: Add “Force Multiplier
  • Step 3: Make A Plan & Do It
  • Step 4: Eliminate Obstacles
  • Step 5: Test, Track, Tweak

Now... I know that may sound old and familiar, or maybe even simplistic, but bear with me, keep reading, and you will see where the elusive mastery is hidden in plain sight.

How can such a simplistic method enable you to achieve feats of greatness?

Well, to answer that question... Do you ever wonder why people experience 'failures' and 'obstacles' such as these ones:

  • They have too much pressure and noise in their lives (overwhelm)
  • They are too emotionally and financially vulnerable because of the risks they have to take, with not enough protection and support
  • They are unable to be themselves and let their strengths and gifts shine through
  • They battle Entrepreneurial Suppression and how society’s inherent goals for conformity create unnecessary constraints
  • They fear failing/succeeding, poverty, being an imposter (imposter syndrome), and so on
  • They believe they lack resources
  • They have psychological warfare inside of themselves, against themselves
  • They suffer perfectionism/procrastination/paralysis, low self-esteem, negative expectation, and other such issues brought about by their upbringing events and conditioning

Here's the secret...they are literally getting in their own way, mostly unconsciously. We all go through life with our brakes on in various areas, and all we need do is release our brakes!

Hence the saying, "There is no such thing as a business or life problem, only a personal problem manifested in business/life".

Makes sense, right?

I mean... in certain areas, despite everything you have tried, do you STILL feel stuck? And in those areas, do you struggle in frustration, trying to put a finger on what's missing? Is there a blockage inside you that you still can't quite identify?

If so, let me assure you that you are not alone in that experience. Almost ALL humans struggle with this, in one area or another. Most never figure it out their whole lifetime... YET there is a simple explanation to this phenomenon... and a WAY OUT! You CAN indeed break this pattern.

Let us look into this further...

We are all born into society. That society then socializes us, conditions, and programs us, domesticates us. What I mean is that, just like an animal is domesticated, humans are domesticated as well, like this...

It happens through a system of reward and punishment...

To condition a creature, you reward the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors you want to program into the creature. And you punish the ones you want to program out of the creature.

Does that sound familiar?

This creates a false self-image. A comfort zone that the creature learns to unconsciously stay inside. It unconsciously fears to go outside that comfort zone:

Even if outside the comfort zone everything is totally safe and good... it still fears going outside its comfort zone. The Comfort Zone contains the False Self in a prison of the mind and emotions.

Your potential is FAR GREATER than your false self-image, your comfort zone. You don’t even realize or recognize how vast your potential is...

The fears in the comfort zone are the subconscious wounding from the rewards and punishment system... we don't wish to touch the wound as it triggers 'the past', so we stay stuck, trapped inside the wounded small self-concept. Although people who have experienced traumatic childhoods have more issues to overcome than most, even 'nice people' who don't have 'serious problems' are boxed into a limiting self-concept defined by their conditioning.

Regardless, if we don't "know thyself" using certain techniques, we tend to stay stuck in our conditioning. And the same things seem to keep messing with us over and over and over again, the same old thing, repeating patterns from our conditioning...

We seem plagued by the same old preoccupations, struggling with the same old impeded actions. Sadly... they don't teach this stuff in school, yet this is the stuff that holds most people back. Self-sabotage, the law of attraction not working, fear of this and that, subconscious blockages, self-doubt... it is all traceable to this.

When our body, mind, emotions, and energy are compromised by limiting conditioning, we fail to move in flow with life, or we move in awkward ways. This restriction of inner and outer flow isn't good news to an entrepreneur, is it? You need to become untethered, unleashed!

The big question on my clients' minds is..."How can I fix all this and release my brakes? How can I get out of my own way and discover my magnificence?"

Many clients come to me in a state of frustration and confusion about this issue that impedes so much of humanity. They wish to break free.

Why do they come to me?

Because I have been in the same boat! Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt! I, too, like every human, have been, at times, screwed sideways by limiting conditioning! The only difference might be that, unlike many people, I have dedicated my life to finding and documenting solutions, looking into places that most people don't dare look, areas that "authorities" fear to look! That is why they come to me.

I've been on this for a very long time, increasing my ability to not only liberate myself but also liberate others. I have a few decades of experience. That does not mean that I have all the answers - I don't - but I do have more than most.

The truth is, the human being is always evolving. So I would be lying to you if I told you that there is such a thing as a "final solution", a magic bullet that allows you to be problem-free for the rest of your life! There isn't such a thing, my friend. As long as we are human, we will always face challenges, 99% from our own ego. The only difference between a Master and a Sheeple is that the Master has known thyself, they know how to handle their being-ness and rise above, transcend, the challenges of the ego, on a moment by moment basis, whereas a Sheeple is unconsciously controlled by the conditioned ego. The Master progressively becomes "in this world but not of it". Mastery is freedom and power.

And that is what this All-Access Pass is all about - gaining the freedom and power that comes with Self-Mastery.

It took me over 20 years to discover and put together everything in the All-Access Pass, and I would like to share my 20+ years of expertise with you

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Now you, too, can have access to my 20+ years of collected practical and applicable wisdom, too, and save yourself 20 years of hustle! Get in on the top floor and go up, higher!

Full Access To Over 120+ Courses, Tools & Resources: Monthly Subscription With Free Trial? Or One Week Access?

Get Your All-Access Pass To Over 120+ Courses, Tools & Resources

Step 1: Set A Clear Vision

Here Are Some Of The Courses You Are Going To Get Inside Your All-Access Pass Membership...