Attention Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Service Providers: If you’re working more hours now than you did when you had a job, then read on, because I’m about to show you…

How to Make a Bigger Impact While Working Less (and Without Sacrificing Quality OR Your Family Time)!

Imagine being able to impact the lives of hundreds of people each and every day, while working just a few hours each week. It’s not as impossible as it sounds…

Hello Daring Entrepreneur,

If there’s one thing nearly all entrepreneurs have in common, it’s that they truly want to make a difference in the lives of others. 

  • Health coaches are passionate about helping lose weight and get fit.
  • Mindset coaches want nothing more than for their clients to find their confidence and self-worth.
  • Business coaches thrive when their clients find their money-making groove.

But there’s a problem. Coaching is—by its very nature—a time intensive endeavor. That means you can only serve a limited number of clients, and the only way to have a greater impact is to work more. 

If you’ve found yourself working 50- or 60- or even 70-hour weeks, then you know exactly what I mean. But imagine being able to…

Reach More Clients While Making More Money

Smart coaches (like you!) are turning to a better, easier coaching model so they can…

  • Serve hundreds, or even thousands, of clients each and every day
  • Create recurring, consistent income
  • Put an end to the “find a new client” hustle that consumes so much time and energy
  • Enjoy predictable results for their clients with proven strategies

All it takes is a simple monthly club to quickly create recurring payments (for fabulous cash flow) and happy clients who feel supported and loved every step of the way. 

But right now you’re thinking…

“This sounds like a lot of work!”

I get it. Like we said earlier, you’re already working long hours and not seeing your family and friends as much as you’d like. 

But that’s exactly what makes the monthly club model so appealing!

Not only will your clients love the continual training and support they receive, but you’ll love how easy this type of program is to build. 

In fact, you’ve got almost everything you need to make this happen right now.  I’m not going to lie, there’s one more piece of the puzzle to make all of this come together, but I promise it’s less work than what you’re doing now, and it will generate more income and impact more lives than you’re able to do now…


How to Create a Low Maintenance Monthly Club for Recurring Income!!! 

You work hard.  Your strategies are proven to work.  You are dedicated to your clients.  But you’re still struggling to have all of this talent and hard work pay off!  I KNOW what you’re going through.  

By creating a subscription-based, monthly club, you can generate a reliable income every month while authentically serving hundreds or even thousands of grateful clients. It sounds hard to do, but with this guide is PACKED with fantastic information to get your club started, keep it going, grow your brand, and engage more people every month!

Module 1: How to Create Your Rockstar Membership Plan for More Income

If you feel like you are working hard without payoff, it’s time to adjust your methods.  Now that you have decided that creating a monthly club will improve your business (and it totally will!) you have one main goal: Find YOUR perfect clientele and come up with a Monthly Club Idea.

During Module 1, we’ll:

  • Determine WHO Your Perfect Clientele Is – Because let’s face it, if you don’t have this down you’re going to have a hard time selling your program (but don’t worry, this section makes it easy).
  • Define Your Delivery Structure – No need to get hung up on the tech! With a few simple steps, you’ll quickly define the delivery method that works best for you AND for your clients. 
  • Keep It Low-Maintenance – The whole point of this is to make it an easy way to create income and build buzz, so I’m including the exact strategies you need to make this as easy to maintain as possible. 
  • Get Clear on Your Value and Your Pricing – Find your sweet spot to make sure you’re giving clients a great value while you’re earning an amazing profit!
  • Plan A Year’s Worth of Themes – Don’t risk running out of ideas! Plan your year out in advance to make it easy to bring resources and materials together!
  • Define What Makes Your Club Different – Get this piece right, and you’ll open a floodgate of clients who can’t wait to join.

Module 2: How to Use Your Content Library to Build Your Membership

Think you’re going to have to spend weeks or even months creating a brand-new course? Think again! Module 2 is all about putting all your existing content to work. Inside, you’ll…

  • Take Inventory – Do not skip this step! You’ll be shocked at how much content you already have (and most of it can be used as is or with just tiny edits)!
  • Use Your Best Content to Build the Membership – Map out your content plan so you’ll know exactly where (and how) you can make the best use of your existing resources.
  • Create NEW Material with a Minimum of Work and Stress – Filling in the blanks doesn’t have to be time-consuming. I’ll show you exactly how I fill my memberships with valuable content each and every month. (And no, I don’t spend a fortune on writers!)
  • Choose the Right Platform for Content Delivery – From webinars to short e-books, there are a ton of ways to get your information out.  Now it’s time to choose what’s right for you!

Module 3: How to Consistently Deliver Value and Keep Members Engaged

The objective to this module is learning how to deliver value while keeping your members engaged and growing your membership! The cornerstone of your business is to engage! 

During Module 3, we’ll cover how to:

  • Be Present – Avoid making the single biggest mistake coaches make. If you miss this, your membership will fall flat.
  • Allow for Real Life – Anything that can go wrong, will. Here’s how to plan for the unexpected and still keep your monthly club running smoothly. 
  • Consistently Deliver Value – Discover how to bring quality to members EVERY month (while still keeping it low-maintenance for you).
  • Plan Office Hours – Everyone talks about work-life balance. I’ll show you how to actually achieve it.
  • Set Pricing Options – Easily figure out your “sweet spot” so you can deliver top value to your clients while earning a great profit, too.
  • Make Sure No One in the Group Gets “Lost” – Avoid being just another “hands off” membership and start building real relationships (yes, you CAN do this without spending all your time online).  

Module 4: How to Market Your Group for Continuous Enrollments

Now that you’ve identified your market and created your amazing monthly club, it’s time to get it in the hands of those who need it most. The objective here is to not only create your launch, but also how to RE-launch to keep the excitement and enrollment growing!

In Module 4, we’ll:

  • Create Your Launch and Re-launch Plans – And create a compelling membership that keeps attrition low, and entices canceled members to return.
  • Plan Your Upsell Offer – Don’t stop with just a single membership. This is the perfect opportunity to create loyal clients who buy from you again and again!
  • Learn Where to Market the Monthly Club – All marketing methods are not created equal. Find out what works (and what doesn’t) in Module 4!
  • Create a Sense of Urgency – You don’t have to resort to inauthentic, fake limits to encourage sales. Here’s how to do it right. 

Keep Generating Buzz, Keep Growing Your Business, and Keep It Low Maintenance

If you are ready to create a whole new method of business, this is where you can start.  We have the tips, tricks, and knowledge to help you create a monthly club that will take your business to the next level!  Leverage your content, generate buzz, and best of all, enjoy an excellent, steady income source for little maintenance!

This course has everything you need to be successful!  It’s time to take all the work you have put in over YEARS and have it start to pay off.  You’re a brilliant entrepreneur!  It’s time to share your knowledge and your gifts with more people!  

It’s time to make some great changes in how you conduct your business!  Let us help you set up a low-maintenance monthly club that will generate income month after month, giving you the security and success you deserve!

Quit spending all your time and energy trying to juggle current clients and drawing in new ones!  With a monthly club, so much of the work is done for you already!  I’m excited to help you get on your way to creating a successful, thriving club that helps you share your gifts with the world!



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    Module 1: How to Create Your Rockstar Membership Plan for More Income
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    Module 2: How to Use Your Content Library to Build Your Membership
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    Module 3: How to Consistently Deliver Value and Keep Your Members Engaged and Committed
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    Module 4: How to Market Your Monthly Group for Continuous Enrollments
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