Attention Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Service Providers: Are you creating happy (and happy-to-refer) clients and customers at every touchpoint in your business? If not, we’ve gotta talk…

At Last! A Step-by-Step Plan to Help You Attract and Retain Quality Customers, Reduce Churn and Show Your People They Matter

Dear Entrepreneur,

Admit it: Nowadays, there are tons of choices available for consumers–aka your potential clients.

Which means? It’s not enough just to have an incredible product or service.

Think about it: Why do you always hit up the sushi restaurant that’s half an hour away vs. the one right down the street–even though they both have shrimp tempura on the menu at the same price?

I’ll tell you. It’s about the experience.

Maybe your go-to sushi restaurant has amazing customer service and to-die-for lighting and decor.  Oh, and that incredible rewards program that brings you back again and again.

(And as for the one down the street? Let’s just say you cringe every time you have to tip the staff for their subpar job.)

Sounds familiar, right?

Well, it works the same way online.

Your ‘client experience’ is everything.

Studies claim 80% of U.S. consumers say they would pay more for a product or service to get a better experience.


When you’re in online business–especially as a coach or other service provider working with clients one-on-one–the way you treat your clients is just as important (if not more) as the quality of your work.

A high-quality client experience can help you attract and retain high-quality customers–and stand out in even the most in the oversaturated online spaces.

Luckily, you have total control over it!

I get it. It sounds simple on paper: If you treat people right, right from the get-go, they’ll love (and refer) you for life, right?

But let’s be honest. 

We’ve all had an experience or ten with a service provider who made us feel like we were just another number.

Maybe it was the nail tech who wouldn’t look us in the eye the whole time she gave us a manicure, but happily swiped our credit card at the end.

Or the salesperson who acted like we were inconveniencing them by asking for another size.

Or the pushy sales coach who wouldn’t take no for an answer…and then totally disappeared on us when we emailed with a simple question.

No matter the situation, we’ve all felt the ick-factor.

Listen. There are Two Types of Service Providers:  Those Who Focus on Numbers, and Those Who Focus on People

If you’re here, I know you’re in the second boat.

But the problem is, most online service providers don’t actually know how to create a branded signature experience that makes their customers and clients feel cared for.

In fact, studies say that most service providers don’t even realize they’re delivering such a crappy customer experience!

And it’s not just about customer service or making conversation while we get a manicure. (Although those things are nice.)

A ‘bad’ customer experience online might look like:

A brand that looks random and inconsistent..and therefore, not trustworthy. (Yep, a consistent voice and presence matters!)

Not having actual, repeatable processes in place for things like refunds, customer complaints or even just how to run coaching calls or create content.

…Or even simply not knowing how to go above and beyond for customers with extra special touches.

So seriously, tell me:

What do your potential clients think the first time they encounter your brand?

What do your current clients think as they go through coaching with you?

What do your past clients say about you–and more importantly, do they come back?

No matter your answers, one thing’s for sure:

You Need to Know How to ATTRACT QUALITY CLIENTS and WOW THEM if You Want to Keep ‘Em Around!

Luckily, creating a killer customer experience is NOT rocket science.

But, there are right and wrong ways to foster customer loyalty and create long-term connections.

Most business owners think they can just wing this. But the truth is, you need it in writing for maximum results.

Yep: You need to craft an intentional, strategic customer experience plan.

This plan is a total game-changer if you want to cultivate customers who stay loyal–and loyally refer you to others, for the life of your business.

The good news?

You don’t have to make it up!

There’s an actual step-by-step process you can follow to create your very own personalized client experience plan, and make sure you create loyal customers for life.


How to Create Your Own Personalized Client Service Experience Plan

I’m going to demystify how to create a killer client service experience plan so you attract (and retain) quality clients. By the end, you’ll have all the tools you need to…

  • Make a powerful and trustworthy first impression on potential clients –no matter where you’re showing up online
  • Create a consistent, quality and referral-worthy experience for every single customer who interacts with your biz
  • Figure out exactly what your clients and customers truly need and want from you
  • Increase overall customer satisfaction–and reduce customer churn 
  • Create an almost unbreakable emotional connection with your customers

Sound awesome? Here’s what you can expect in this 4-module, self-paced course…

Module 1:  Brand Check! How Are You Showing Up?

The client experience starts at the very beginning–when the prospect first stumbles across your brand. Module 1 will help you show your best side to your prospects, while still keepin’ it authentic. You’ll learn…

  • How to use your branding (including your copy and brand voice) to create consistency–and breed rock-solid trust.
  • The biggest branding mistake you don’t even realize you’re making (hint: it has everything to do with your audience!)
  • The magic number of social media platforms to focus on to position yourself as a trustworthy brand–and why this is so essential.
  • 10 social media faux pas to avoid like last week’s leftovers–and how personal and opinionated you should (or shouldn’t) get online.
  • One easy step you can take to improve your branding–with absolutely NO research or learning curves whatsoever!
  • 5 essential steps to create a powerful brand story–plus what experts like Selena Soo can teach you about owning your story.

Module 2: Develop Your Brand's Customer Experience Framework

It's critical –especially as your team grows –to have procedures in place to ensure consistency. You never want your customers to feel as if others are treated better, receive preferential treatment, or enjoy discounts not available to all. Module 2 is all about establishing an SOP manual to help your team members handle even the stickiest situations and ensure all your business interactions get a five-star rating! You’ll learn: 

  • How to create a new client on boarding process that fosters loyalty–even before the first Discovery Call!
  • Create clearly-stated pricing, customer service, appointment and refund policies–that protect both you and your clients.
  • How to setup a foolproof scheduling system so clients can schedule, cancel and re-schedule appointments–without you lifting a finger!
  • Exactly how to easily deal with common questions and objections from potential and current clients–in a simple, streamlined way that all your team members can use.
  • The 6 necessary components of an SOP that actually works–plus best practices for writing procedures your people will actually follow.
  • How to train your team to “be you” and set clear expectations for team interactions with customers–including how to handle public comments and complaints on social media.
  • How to make sure your dream team doesn’t turn into a nightmare!

Module 3: How Listening Can Help You Deliver an Epic Customer Experience

Do you have the listening skills to pay the bills? If you really want to make your clients, customers and subscribers feel special, you’ve gotta practice deep listening. Module 3 will teach you how to hone your listening skills like a boss. You’ll learn:

  • How to use active listening to get a huge boost in client loyalty, confidence and trust–as well as shining recommendations and testimonials from clients!
  • The one thing you’ll be tempted to do often that’s worse than not listening to your client in the first place–and how to stop yourself.
  • The top (and very real) reasons why good clients ghost you–and how to make sure it happens way less.
  • How to permanently step up your listening skills–and stop your clients from shopping around.
  • 3 expert ways to retain customer trust and loyalty over the long haul–even when dealing with uncomfortable issues.
  • Why surveys, feedback forms and questionnaires are your secret weapons when it comes to client experience–and how to use them to improve.
  • How to decide what customer communications you want to outsource–and which you should definitely handle yourself!

Module 4: How to Create Brand Loyalty

Want to attract and keep clients? Of course you do! Module 4 will teach you little-known ways to make over-delivery your default so you can build long-term customer loyalty. You’ll learn:

  • 5 fun and unique ways to inspire customer loyalty–and foster relationships with clients who will send new clients to you and sing your praises at every opportunity!
  • Why you shouldn’t try to be your client’s best friend–and what to do instead.
  • Why “keepin’ it real” is your best business strategy–and copying another coach will never make you money.
  • What your best clients and customers really want from you (this probably isn’t what you think!)
  • How to make 100% sure you get glowing, heartfelt testimonials–no matter what you actually sell!
  • 6 strategies to win over VIP clients easily–and create quality customers for life!
  • Why making an emotional connection with your customers can make or break your business–and how to do it the right way.
  • Why you need to show up as a person–not a brand–if you want to make a bigger impact!

Stop Letting Customer Churn and the Search for New Leads Wear You Thin!

If you’re consistently winging it when it comes to your branding, your client communications and even your coaching calls, it’s time to start putting real intention and strategy into your client experience.

This course can show you how to make sure you’ve got every part of your client experience on lock, so you never have to worry about customers fluttering off to buy from another provider, ever again.

Just imagine…

  • Having clear policies in place for client communications, scheduling, pricing and so much more.
  • Knowing your team is always serving your customers with care (even when you’re on vacation or just busy)!
  • Customers who feel so loved and cared for they literally refer you to anyone and everyone they know!
  • Less buying ads or chasing leads to make more money–and more loving on the customers you already have!

It’s all possible with a better client experience–and a plan to follow to make it happen.

The truth is: Your client experience matters more now than ever. And there’s never been a better time to take a step back so you can step it up.

Tell me: What’s stopping you from figuring out how to show your customers more love?

Join me, and I’ll show you everything you need to know.



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    Module 2: Develop Your Brand's Customer Experience Framework
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    Module 3: How Listening Can Help You Deliver an Epic Customer Experience
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    Module 4: How to Create Brand Loyalty
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