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  • Helen Ikechukwu

    “Promise fulfilled! Simple and easy to follow.”

    “Promise fulfilled! Simple and easy to follow.”

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  • 02
    How You Can Get Getting Started On Buying Today
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    • What is the minimum amount to get started?
    • Which digital currency is the best to buy and hold?
    • Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinbase
    • Links to the various wallets and exchanges
    • Price averaging with daily BTC and ETH buys
    • If I am already invested in one cryptocurrency, should I stick with that one or trade it into others?
    • Funding my Poloniex exchange trading account with Ethereum from Coinbase
    • Depositing Bitcoin from my Coinbase wallet onto Bitfinex
  • 03
    Start Trading with Bitfinex and Poloniex
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    • Bitfinex tutorial showing you how I placed my trades for the "Blue Chip" cryptocurrencies (the main cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash...)
    • Poloniex tutorial showing you how I placed my trades for the "Small Cap" cryptocurrencies (the unknown but upcoming cryptos/altcoins)
    • What are some of the risks of investing in these cryptocurrencies?
  • 04
    Cashing Out, Baby!
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    • When and how do you cash out (sell)?
    • Is this investment liquid? And is there a penalty for withdrawing?
    • Once again, is diversification better than sticking with one cryptocurrency?
    • Basics of paying tax on these transactions and profits
    • What is the one thing you absolutely MUST avoid when using this strategy?
  • 05
    Key Questions
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    • Where is the price trending for Bitcoin and altcoins (cryptocurrencies)?
    • Are there any potential risks to my bank account?
  • 06
    Copyright & Credits
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    • Copyright & Credits


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