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  • 01
    What is Steem and why do I love it?
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  • 02
    Basic Steem and Steemit terms explained
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  • 03 pays users for new posts, comments, and upvotes!
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    • Case studies from my friends starting on Steemit
    • Earn just by commenting!
    • Trending post case studies and a simple way to get there!
  • 04
    PRO TIP: Investing in Steem boosts your blogging earnings, and it begins by using fiat currency (like US Dollars) to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, then...
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    • 8 websites to change fiat like USD to Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
    • Links to the various wallets and exchanges
    • is where I bought my Bitcoin, which I then used to buy Steem, like this...
    • has support for most countries
    • offers a great selection of cryptocurrencies (altcoins) to convert to fiat currencies (like US Dollars)
    • 3 more cryptocurrency exchanges that might work for you
    • Buying Bitcoin with Cash on
    • Buying Bitcoin directly from local third party sellers in nearly any country with
  • 05 is where I bought most of my Steem using Bitcoin and Ethereum
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    • is my current favourite cryptocurrency exchange for buying Steem, and here's why
    • Bittrex also has 170+ cryptocurrencies with simple security using two factor authentication
    • How to make a deposit on Bittrex
    • How to change Steem Dollars (SBD) into Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Cashing out on Coinbase to USD (or other fiat currencies)
  • 06
    Using for rapid cryptocurrency exchange
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    • How to use to easily change Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and more, to Steem
    • See how the transaction completes within minutes, and how I power up my Steem
    • Discussion forum for this course section
  • 07
    Making new posts daily to Steemit
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    • CASE STUDY: The different types of posts I make on Steemit
    • CASE STUDY: How much do top authors post?
    • How to publish Steemit posts automatically to Facebook and Twitter free with Zapier and/or Streemian
    • How to earn more followers on Steemit
  • 08
    Automatic crowdfunding for anything!
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    • How to crowd-fund anything on Steemit - from health emergencies to new apps etc
    • How has built-in crowdfunding and how you can use it
  • 09
    Steemit rewards tutorials
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    • How you redeem Steemit rewards
    • The Steem Dollar (SBD) Market, and the Steemit Tax Payment and Calculation System
    • How to use for instant exchange of Bitcoin, Ether, Steem, Steem Dollar (SBD), and Litecoin
  • 10
    Additional Tips & Tactics From David
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    • Everything You Need To Get Started Fast With Steemit - Article Review
    • FULL VIDEO: Everything you Need to Get Started Fast with Steemit, Social Media that Pays
    • Steemit for Dummies, 50 Links To Useful Materials For Newbies - Article Review
    • The Top 50 Steemit Authors Posting Strategies - Article Review
    • Links to the articles in the videos above
    • Jerry Banfield's additional useful links and resources
  • 11
    Do you have a WordPress blog? Automatically publish your articles on the STEEM blockchain whenever you publish them on your blog - and earn money!
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    • Here's how you can easily do that, automatically
  • 12
    BONUS COURSE: Steemit, The #1 Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunity (As Of May/June 2017)?
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    • I just bought 10 BTC of the Steem cryptocurrency and I'm planning to become a top user
    • Community equals value
    • Data showing why the Steem altcoin might be the most undervalued
    • #1 feature making the Steem cryptocurrency a 100x longer term investment
    • I can now pay myself and others for helping me without it costing me anything!
    • Is compound interest the 8th wonder of the world?
    • How much money is my investment likely to earn in 3 years?
    • Every month I am planning to invest another $1000!
    • Examples investing $100 a month to $10,000 a month
    • Transferring the money incorrectly could lead to a total loss. Start small!
    • The biggest risk is losing the Steemit wallet password
    • Cashing out, taxes, and user adoption
    • Steemit account creation
    • Buying Steem with fiat currency such as USD or Bitcoin
    • Funding the Steem wallet from an exchange
    • Being active daily to bring the highest return in money, learning, and networking
    • 1,000 new Steemit users in 24 hours
    • Ending and transitioning out of existing activities to make time for this
    • Ideas for how to stay active and add value
    • Organic search traffic will be the tipping point into viral growth
    • Who told me about the Steem cryptocurrency first?
    • Conclusion: Would you join me?
  • 13
    Copyright & Credits
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    • Copyright & Credits


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