Attention Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Service Providers: If you feel like you’ve hit a wall when it comes to expanding your audience, it’s time for you to discover…

How To Easily Get Publicity For Your Business… Even If You’re Brand New, And Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising!

Stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to notice you, and start attracting the publicity and attention you deserve…

Hey there fellow entrepreneur,

We all start out the same way, following the same advice…

  • Start a blog! Content marketing is your key to more traffic…
  • Make videos! YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine…
  • Social media matters! People spend 3 hours every day on Facebook alone…
  • Build a mailing list! The money is always in the list…
  • Paid traffic! SEO is too competitive these days…

And here’s the truth: All of these methods work!

But they will only take you so far. If you want to grow…

You Have to Start Courting the Press

Time was, a well-written press release was all it would take to get your business and brand on the media’s radar. 

Today though? Even the best press releases coupled with paid distribution won’t cut it. The competition is simply too fierce. 

If you’ve set your sights on media channels such as…

  • Local or national news networks
  • Print publications with huge circulations 
  • Huffington Post,, and other high-visibility websites

Then you’ve got your work cut out for you. 

If you’ve tried (and failed) at capturing the attention of the big media outlets, you might think your only choice is to…

Hire a Pricey Public Relations Expert

And that’s always an option, but who wants to:

  • Pay thousands of dollars just to have access to someone else’s “Rolodex” of contacts?
  • Put the future of their business in the hands of someone who may not be up to the task? 
  • Be forced to pay (and pay, and pay) just to maintain a relationship with the contacts your PR person provides? 

Because here’s the thing about public relations professionals. They’ve built up their contact lists (and the relationships that go with them) over years. And when you quit paying your PR person, you no longer have access. 

Wouldn’t it make more sense to be your own PR person, and grow your own Rolodex you can continue to leverage for years to come?

Now you can!

How To Be A Media Sweetheart And Get Free Publicity for Your Business!

Ask most people why they don’t handle their own PR and they’ll tell you two things:

  1. No contacts
  2. No idea even where to begin

This new program will help you solve both problems, with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that gets results. 

Module 1: Build Your Influential Brand

Maybe the most important part of being “pitchable” is to have a brand worthy of attention. And for most solo-preneurs who built their business from the ground up with nothing more than a dream to go by, branding is an afterthought. 

No worries though! In module 1 we’re going to get you all spiffed up and ready to meet the press with…

  • 6 must-have questions to instantly solidify your branding—take the time to really answer these, and you’ll be well ahead of your competition. 
  • The single focus point of your brand—by drilling down and recognizing this for what it is, all the other pieces will fall neatly into place.
  • Real life examples of effective branding from coaches just like you—so you can see just what’s possible for true solo-preneurs (not just huge corporations)
  • Tiny details that make a big difference—and how to identify and manage them with ease
  • Tips for maintaining consistency—the web is a big place, so you’ll appreciate this checklist style approach
  • The difference between perfect and presentable—because one is absolutely necessary, but the other will hold you back 
  • 3 powerful ways to solidify your branding—and they have nothing to do with fonts or colors or photo shoots
  • Media page “must haves”—this handy checklist will ensure you’re ready for attention

Module 2: How to Create Your Irresistible Pitch

Got a rock-solid—if not perfect—brand? Good! Now you’re ready to craft your media pitch. 

As you might imagine, this is more involved than a shotgun blast press release you hope lands on a desk somewhere. But don’t worry. In module 2, we’re going to go over all the details, including... 

  • 3 hard-hitting questions you must answer about your market—even if you think you’re clear on your ideal client, this exercise will bring you greater clarity
  • How to easily spy on the competition to get a sense of their market—knowing this will give you far greater insight into your own ideal client 
  • The power of “why”—and not just why you do what you do, but why you offer specific programs and services
  • 6 questions to ask yourself about your programs & clients—the answers to these questions are what set you apart from your competition
  • Why a narrow focus is the key to media attention—and how to use language and other tools to ruthlessly narrow your audience
  • 5 elements of a winning “elevator pitch”—because this tool is so much more than just a short explanation of your business
  • The single most important piece of advice you’ll ever hear about your media pitch, summed up in two words
  • 7 focus points when choosing media outlets to pitch—the shotgun approach does not work, but this does
  • The must-have tool every PR person relies on—and how to easily create one for yourself 

Module 3: Find and Leverage Your Sweet Spot

You might know in your heart what your sweet spot is when it comes to clients and coaching, but until you can fully articulate it to a prospective media outlet, it’s not good enough. 

In module 3, we’ll home in on your unique sweet spot so you can make it work for you, including… 

  • How—and why—to find your “swim lane”—this is the one piece of information that will set you apart from all others (and it’s the one that most DIYers in public relations miss) 
  • 4 questions you must be able to answer when pitching a publication—including one you have probably never considered
  • How a short, concise bio can help you narrow your focus—and an example from a real-life coach you can easily model
  • How to understand the media hierarchy—because sending your pitch to the wrong editor or producer is an instant trip to the recycle basket
  • Why trying to branch out into a more general topic will leave you with no prospects at all—and what to do instead

Module 4: Deliver Your Sizzling Pitch

This is where the rubber meets the road—it’s time to actually start approaching the media with your offer. We’ve got your back in module 4, with... 

  • 10 places to begin your search for press coverage—including at least 3 you’d likely never thought of as useful (even though they are)
  • How to save massive amounts of time—this one simple strategy will easily free up hours of your time, and make sending pitches a simple cut-and-paste strategy
  • 3 vital rules you must follow when sending any pitch—miss even one, and your pitch will end up in the round file, unread
  • The right way to pitch a magazine—they have specific rules, and if you don’t follow them…well, you don’t want to waste your time, right?
  • Tips for blowing your own horn—because you’ve accomplished far more than you think you have, and shouldn’t be afraid to show it!
  • Advanced strategies for getting your pitch read—there’s far more to it than simply using the correct name in the salutation
  • Tips for getting out of your office—never discount the power of local, in-person networking!

Become The Go-To Expert The Media Loves

Here’s the deal. If you want to grow your business into high six- or seven-figures, then you must get comfortable with the media. That starts with your branding and your irresistible pitch, and this program is going to help you get there. 

Stop waiting for opportunities to simply appear, and go out and get them for yourself! 

This course is the path. It will show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to become the quotable, go-to expert media outlets call on regularly.

  Stop dreaming of the limelight, and start reaching for your goals. Right now, today. 

No one can guarantee you a spot on the Today Show or a feature in a glossy magazine, but I can promise you this: When you’ve fully worked through this program, you’ll be ready when the media comes calling…and they most certainly will. 

How much is that worth to you?



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