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    Understanding The Wound
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    • How our unfulfilled true needs create our subconscious wounds FREE TRIAL
    • The 4 types of subconscious wounds
    • Upbringing conditions that tend to create our subconscious wounds
    • Upbringing control styles that tend to create our subconscious wounds
    • Upbringing control tools that tend to create our subconscious wounds
    • The structure and operation of your subconscious wounds (the unconscious ego) FREE TRIAL
    • Shielding, Defending
    • Soothing, Numbing
    • Separation, Attack
    • Resulting unconscious beliefs (false "truths", reality filters)
    • Our conditioned, programmed perspective and interaction with life's resources
    • 11 Filters: how our beliefs filter out our abundance in very specific ways
    • How we create false identities, how we experience these false identities, and how that keeps us away from abundance
    • The "voice in my head" (self-talk) and the "bad feelings"
    • Why healing the subconscious wound (wounded heart, wounded inner child) is the only true answer to getting out of your own way, and enjoying abundance, freedom, health and joy
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    How To Heal This Subconscious Wound
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    • How to heal, in summary
    • The 6 Stages of Healing
    • It's not about "figuring it out" or "getting rid of it"; it is about "witnessing"
    • PRACTICAL 1: Self-Awareness through 24/7 Mindfulness (witnessing)
    • PRACTICAL 2: The Art of Acceptance and Allowing (Surrender, Letting Go, Detachment, Gratitude, Flow, Unconditional Love)
    • PRACTICAL 3: The incredible power of Emotional Vulnerability (how increasingly opening your heart heals everything)
    • Summary: Is your awareness haunted or liberated?
    • Radical Mindfulness Made Easy in 5 Easy Steps
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    Discussion Forum
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    • Discussion Forum


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