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    Million-Dollar Business, Projects & Activity Planners
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  • 03
    Webinar In A Box - 17 Templates, Checklists, Charts and Agendas
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    • 1-Webinar Agenda FREE PREVIEW
    • 2-Agenda For Assigning Work to Contractors
    • 3-Assistant Checklist FREE PREVIEW
    • 4-Checklist to Locate Guest Speakers
    • 5-Guest Invitation Template FREE PREVIEW
    • 6-Potential Guest Follow Up
    • 7-Fill-In-The-Blanks Press Release Template
    • 8-Fill-In-The-Blanks Blog Post
    • 9-Fill-In-The-Blanks Facebook Post 2 Versions
    • 10-Fill-In-The-Blanks Facebook Post Final
    • 11-Fill-In-The-Blanks Twitter Post 1
    • 12-Fill-In-The-Blanks Twitter Post 2
    • 13-Fill-In-The-Blanks Webinar Service Comparison Chart
    • 14-Template for Creating a Webinar Handout for Guests
    • 15-Webinar Email Announcement Template
    • 16-Webinar Reminder Email
    • 17-Webinar Thank You Email
  • 04
    Client Getting Kit - Letters to Grow Your Client Base
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    • Client Reactivation Letter
    • Client Testimonial Request Letter
    • JV Program Invitation Letter
    • Post Consultation Call Follow Up Letter
    • Post Event Potential Client Follow Up Letter
    • Referral Bonus Letter for Existing Coaching Clients
    • Referral Request Letter
  • 05
    New Client Kit - A Stress Free Start to a Successful Coaching Experience Every Time
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    • Business Goals Worksheet
    • Client Call Notes
    • Client Invoice Sample
    • Coaching Agreement
    • Coaching Code of Ethics
    • Coaching Success Guidelines
    • Confidentiality Agreement
    • How Coaching Works
    • How to Hold Me Accountable
    • How to Prepare for a Coaching Session
    • Intake Form
    • Monthly Review Form
    • My Coaching History Form
    • Ongoing Pre-Call Form
    • Payment Arrangement Form
    • Referral Request
    • Welcome Letter
  • 06
    Payment Letters Kit - A Stress Free Way to Collect Money Owed From Your Clients
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    • Declined Payment
    • Expired Credit Card
    • Failed Payment Follow Up
    • Insufficient Funds
    • Past Due
    • Payment Plan Arrangement Letter
    • Payment Plan Contract Collection Letter
    • Upcoming Membership Renewal Reminder Letter
    • Upcoming Membership Renewal
  • 07
    Save The Sale Kit - Letters to Get Every Sale
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    • When a client isn't following through
    • When a customer asks for a refund
    • When a customer visits a sales page but doesn't buy FREE PREVIEW
    • When a potential client says "it's not in my budget"
    • When a potential client says NO
    • When a potential client schedules a discovery session but doesn't show
    • When they hire another coach instead of you
    • When you want to re-engage a canceled member
    • When you want to reconnect with a past client
    • When Your sales call doesn't go as planned
  • 08
    Tough Talks Kit - Letters to Manage Difficult Situations With Ease
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    • Cancellation Recovery Letter
    • Client Boundaries Letter FREE PREVIEW
    • Client Missed Appointment Letter
    • Client Refusal Letter - Refer to Another Coach
    • Client Refusal Letter - Refer to Other Programs
    • Clients Who Waste Your Time Termination Letter
    • Rate Increase Letter
    • Refund Refusal Letter - Credit Card Cancellation
    • Refund Refusal Letter - Credit Card Chargeback
    • Refund Refusal Letter - PayPal
    • Termination Letter


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