Course curriculum

  • 01
    The Course
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  • 02
    Bonus: Customer Service Templates
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    • Customer Service And Retention Templates FREE PREVIEW
    • Customer Service Best Practices
    • Customer Service Checklist FREE PREVIEW
    • Feature Request Reply
    • Frustrated Customer - No Reply Response
    • Angry Customer Response
    • Invitations to...
    • Unavailable Product
    • Tech Issues with Downloads
    • Frustrated Customer Mailing List Issues
    • Automated We Received Your Message
    • Answer Unknown
    • All_Customer Service Email Templates
    • Reply to Request for Discount
    • Follow Up to a Customer Who Hasn't Responded
    • Refund Request Response
    • Refund Period Expired Response
    • Customer Service FAQ Template
    • Customer Survey Template
    • Customer Survey Email Template
    • Refund Policy Templates
  • 03
    Bonus: JV & Affiliate Recruitment Templates
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    • Affiliate Program Promotion & Recruitment Checklist FREE PREVIEW
    • Affiliate Recruitment Invitation Email Template
    • Affiliate Recruitment Invitation Email Example
    • Affiliate Recruitment Follow Up Email Template 1
    • Affiliate Recruitment Follow Up Email Example 1
    • Affiliate Recruitment Follow Up Email Template 2
    • Affiliate Recruitment Follow Up Email Example 2
    • Affiliate Sign Up Page Example
    • Affiliate Sign Up Page Template
    • KPI Stats Worksheet
  • 04
    Bonus: Outsourcing Templates
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    • Outsourcing Templates FREE PREVIEW
    • Suggested Outsourced Staff Interview Questions
    • Evaluating Applications Checklist
    • Constructive Feedback Template
    • List of Outsourcing Sites
    • Quality Check Checklist
    • Template for Writing Work
    • Template for Virtual Assisting Work
    • Template for Web Development Work
    • Template for Graphic Work
    • Project Specs for Writing Work
    • Project Specs for Web Development Work
    • Project Specs for Virtual Assisting Work
    • Project Specs for Graphic Work


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