Attention Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Service Providers: If you still think that magical 6- figure business is out of your reach…

Now You Can Quickly + Easily Build a Wildly Popular Low-End Product Suite to Get You There!

Start making the money you deserve and break that 6-figure barrier without packing your schedule with calls and 1:1 clients from morning to night…

Hey there fellow entrepreneur,

Here’s something no one tells new coaches. The number of 1:1 clients you need just to break even is… well, it can be overwhelming. 

I bet you never thought you’d have to be on the phone all day long (every single day) just to make the money you truly deserve. 

In fact, if you’re like many of the coaches I know, you’re probably asking yourself…

  • How can I get a break from working all the time without compromising my income?
  • How can I even charge the hourly rates necessary just to earn a real living?
  • How do other coaches make this look so effortless?
  • Is it even possible to get to 6-figures without feeling stressed and totally overwhelmed?  

Here’s a little truth bomb: You can get to 6-figures easily and quickly.

But you’ll need a strategic plan that works, just like this one…

You got to work smarter, not harder!

You’ve got a strong coaching business, and things are going freakin’ great, but you’re only one person, and you can only coach so many clients in each day before your bandwidth is maxed out. 

Trading dollars for hours cannot be your only source of income, coach. You must start tapping into multiple revenue streams. And here’s the truth. When you do this right, you can easily increase your business revenue ten-fold (even while you sleep).

If you’ve wished you could…

  • Coach more people and make more money (but can’t imagine spending even more time on the phones every day)
  • Have the freedom to actually step out of your office and have some fun (without negatively effecting your income)
  • Impact the lives of your followers in a bigger, more profound way (without spending all your time in the office)

Then you need a plan that will work for you so that you don’t have to work as hard to try to get there. 

If you’ve been running around in circles with all your ideas and haven’t been able to put them into a marketable (and profitable) product, then isn’t it time you (finally!) created your winning eCourse strategy? 

Imagine being able to:

  • Hear cha-ching in your sleep, the sound of another e-book or e-course sale coming through before you even snoozed for an hour
  • Say yes, you CAN go out to that brunch or Friday night out because you aren’t glued to your phone, desk or computer trying to make ends meet and coach as many clients as you can
  • Pay for what you need, buy the items on your wish list (like that gorgeous Movado watch you’ve been eyeing up!), and never worry about money again

Because here’s the thing about being an entrepreneur, it’s all in your hands. You’ve got incredible talent, amazing gifts, and people need you. Now it’s time to learn how to put your expertise in money-making packages that’ll sell themselves so you can live outside your home office.

Ready to have it all?


How to Quickly + Easily Build Your 6-Figure Low-End Product Suite 

Ask most coaches how many hours they work per week, and you’ll get one of two answers:

  1. More than my old 9 to 5, that’s for sure
  2. It never ends, there’s always an email to answer 

This brand-new program will help you hit 6-figures (and then some) quickly, with a strategic, easy-to-follow, systematic plan that is guaranteed to get you results. 

Module 1: Your Low-End Product Suite Idea Map

Need to build a funnel that works? It’s all about building relationships, defining your ideal audience and creating a product suite that suits them. During Module 1, we’ll:

  • Finally, get crystal clear on your business goals and direction – This one simple tool will make planning for the future so much easier!
  • Discover the magic of working once and getting paid over and over again – This easy system will instantly and exponentially increase your “hourly” rate (even as it positions you out of trading dollars for hours). 
  • Develop a rock-solid strategy that works – All it really takes is a little organization and structure (and I’ll show you how).
  • Uncover your best money making product-suite ideas – Because knowing what to focus on is the key to success.
  • Breakthrough your profit ceiling - Even if you do nothing else, this exercise will result in higher profits and less work.

Module 2: Create Your Low-End eBook

What’s your perfect strategy? One signature book, or a whole series of branded books? Working out what’s right for your readers and your style is all covered in Module 2.

  • Plan and create a hot-selling eBook - There’s a special kind of credibility about having your own eBook. Learn how to build your brand using this method.
  • Speak directly to your ideal readers wants and needs – Get this right, and you’ll be well on your way to the best-seller’s list.
  • Tune into your zone of genius – And discover how easy it is to quickly craft a best-selling eBook.
  • Find clarity and purpose – Because without this critical piece, your potential readers will be confused (and confused people don’t buy).
  • Master proper project management – There’s more to getting things done than a simple “to do” list.
  • The fine art of setting a price – If you think you can just “pick something” you’re going to be sadly disappointed in the results.
  • Critical branding elements that can’t be ignored – Your book is the face of your business. Don’t leave this to chance!

Module 3: Create Your Low-End eCourse

An eCourse is the ideal upsell to offer at the end of your eBook, and putting one together is covered during Module 3, including…

  • The tool top coaches use to grow their income – And why it will work for you, too (even if you’re just starting out).
  • How to choose a sexy title for your course - With the right name, you show your clients just what’s on offer (but creating a name is harder than you think).
  • How to craft a workable outline – This one document will give you more clarity and focus than anything else you do, and will help ensure an amazing client experience, too.
  • How to put your eCourse content together like a PRO – And keep happy buyers coming back for more.
  • How to price your eCourse perfectly to S-E-L-L – Find the “sweet spot” here and your course will sell itself.
  • The power of branding – Get this right and watch your coaching empire grow!
  • EASY eCourse delivery – Tackle the tech with confidence and never again struggle to deliver your training.

Module 4: Create Your Low-End Group Coaching Program

It’s the natural progression, following your eBook and your eCourse - a group coaching program that gives clients what they want - even more of your great information and advice.

Module 4 covers everything you need to know about creating a low-end group coaching program. Inside, we’ll…

  • Build your funnel with an entry-level program - From fully-fledged coaching programs to closed Facebook groups – the choice is yours.
  • Grab their attention with a compelling name – and make it a no-brainer to join.
  • Craft an outcome-driven curriculum – There’s more to this than just a simple outline, but when you get it right, your clients will achieve massive success!
  • Create content that’s relevant and up-to-date – With this piece in place, you’ll enjoy a steady stream of happy clients who continue to pay you month after month!
  • Successful pricing strategies – You might just be surprised what a well-crafted group program is really worth.
  • Identify the tools you really need – And avoid the over-hyped, unnecessary bells and whistles that will only waste your time (and maybe even cost you sales).  

Become The Entrepreneur Who Makes Six Or Even Seven Figures Without Working Harder Than You Should

Here’s the deal. If you want to grow your business into high six- or seven-figures, then you have to start working smarter, not harder. Quit trying to cram more hours into the day, and more work into your hours, and make your time work for you. Create programs that sell themselves, that clients can work through on their own, and that bring in the high-end, high-paying work that lets you focus on solid coaching. 

Start earning passive and residual income with content that keeps working, even when you’re sleeping.

This course is the path. It will show you exactly how to use all that knowledge, information, and skills you have to share and get it working on your behalf.

It’s time to put that content to work and turn it into ongoing income - without having to work 16 hours a day!

Your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t be wasting it on scraping pennies. Stop spending all your time and energy chasing down paid-for hours, and start bringing in a continuous income stream. Make your funnel work for you!



Here's Everything You Get TODAY In This Package:

See what's inside:

  • 02
    Module 2: Create Your Low-End eBook
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    • 1. Training
    • 2. Action Plan
    • 3. Checklist
    • 4. Slides.pdf
  • 03
    Module 3: Create Your Low-End eCourse
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    • 1. Training
    • 2. Action Plan
    • 3. Checklist
    • 4. Slides.pdf
  • 04
    Module 4: Create Your Low-End Group Coaching Program
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    • 1. Training
    • 2. Action Plan
    • 3. Checklist
    • 4. Slides.pdf
  • 05
    Module 5: The Secret to Course Success? Choose a Topic That THRILLS Your Fans
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    • 1. Training
  • 06
    Module 6: Why Picking the Perfect Name Will Make or Break Your Course
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    • 1. Training
  • 07
    Module 7: The Best Way to Design Fun + Valuable Lessons
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    • 1. Training
  • 08
    Module 8: 4 Key Reasons to Get Help Building Your Course
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