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  • 03
    Marketing Your Value
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    • We Are Now In An Attention Economy
    • Reach People When They Are Most Receptive To You
    • Focus On Probable Buyers
    • Focus Your Marketing Message On The End Result
    • Focus On The Point Of Market Entry
    • Activate Desire To Get People To Want To Purchase Your Offer
    • Help Your Customers Visualize How Their Lives Would Be If They Owned It
    • Free Trials And Risk Reversal
    • Its In The Hook, The Unique Selling Point
    • You MUST Have A Call To Action
    • Build A Great Reputation
    • Take A Stand, Create Controversy
    • Tell A Story
    • Build A List
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  • 04
    Selling Your Value
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    • Build Trust
    • Build Common Ground
    • Support Prices With Great Reasons Why
    • Four Ways To Help You Determine Your Prices
    • Test Your Prices For Different Market Responses And Profiles
    • Overcoming Barriers To Purchase FREE TRIAL
    • Use Value Based Selling Whenever Possible
    • Exclusivity Creates Value
    • Preparing For Negotiations
    • Give, Give, Give And Then Ask
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  • 05
    Delivering Your Value
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    • Delivering Your Value In A Winning Way
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  • 07
    Working With People
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    • Getting People To Do What You Need Them To Do
    • Communication
    • Performance Based Hiring
  • 08
    Systemising And Automating Your Business
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    • Understanding Systems And Automation
    • Analyzing Systems And Automation
    • Improving Systems And Automation
    • Process Map, Systemise, Automate, And Outsource Or Delegate
    • The Triangle Of Execution (People-Processes-Systems)
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