How To Dive Deep Into The Law Of Attraction/Manifesting (And How To Fix Law Of Attraction/Manifesting "Fails")

Success Recipes Series

The Law of Attraction can be summarised as follows:

  1. You Ask
  2. The Universe Answers
  3. You Receive

That's it.

This recipe is designed to help you optimize those steps. And the only steps you have any control over is step 1 and step 3. Step 2 is automatically handled and optimized by Life itself, with its Infinite Wisdom, Flow, and Synchronicity. So you don't have to worry at all about Step 2. You cannot possibly get it wrong. However, because we believe things more once we understand them, it does help to understand a little about how the Universe works so that your faith and belief can be greater.

So let's talk about these steps. And a great place to start is with this Overview video (please watch it before moving ahead with the rest of the materials):

Did you watch that?

OK, now assuming you did, the rest of this page will show you which courses to start with, and in what order, to allow you to deepen your understanding and application of the Law of Attraction, and to troubleshoot and fix any "fails".

Sounds good?

Ok, let's get started...

Step 1: You Ask

This step is all about you achieving two things only:

  • Getting Clear On Your Desire (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • Getting Out Of Your Own Way By Healing Your Inner Child Wounds

Let's first look at Getting Clear On Your Desire. The following courses will help you get clear on your desire.

RECOMMENDED: Start with the first one, called Quantum Manifesting Secrets. That's the one that will give you a solid foundation. You also ought to look at the Visualization course, after you go through the Quantum Manifesting course.

Next, we look at Getting Out Of Your Own Way By Healing Your Inner Child Wounds.

RECOMMENDED: Start with the first one on Radical Mindfulness (very important) and How To Heal Your Subconscious. 

Step 2: Universe Answers

As we said, it is a very good idea to understand how Life works because that understanding will help you develop your faith and trust in Life to deliver. And for that, have a look at these courses, which attempt to give you a scientific and philosophical framework to deepen the understanding of the bigger picture of Life. You will find that these courses for Step 2 do not actually have much actionable stuff in them. This step isn't about DOING. It is about BEING, KNOWING. So even though there isn't a to-do list in these particular courses, please go through them anyway. Also, it is important to understand that Life is mysterious, and so these courses are not meant to be the absolute and only truth; they are, instead, meant to be there to expand your consciousness so you can find, awaken, confirm, and trust your own inner wisdom (which, ultimately, is the only truth that matters to you).

We highly recommend that you watch the first two courses (on Life's Quantum Composition and on Beliefs)

That is enough to 'get it'.

Then, if you wish, you may watch the Game of Life course and the rest (optional but highly recommended because it could answer some deep questions in your subconscious or stimulate you to find deep answers within you)...

Step 3: You Receive

This step is all about you achieving two things only:

  • Taking Inspired Actions
  • Getting Out Of Your Own Way By Healing Your Inner Child Wounds

Now, we have already listed the 'Getting Out Of Your Own Way' courses above.

Below is a list of course categories that will help you take inspired actions especially for Entrepreneurs: